Johnny Marr: 'Inspiring people to go vegetarian is one of my proudest moments'

Imagining that is pretty funny. Even funnier if Mr Boorer hid it under the blanket and Morrissey sat on it without knowing, and the poor hungry lad would try to concentrate on the conversation, comforted in some way that his boss's arse would keep the burger warm...:tears:

:lbf: Seal of approval on that scene/ Aaaaaaaand CUT

I just wonder if Morrissey sat down and started talking all deep and philosophical about something or telling him an important drawn-out detail about the tour while Boz is all smiling and nodding going "Uh-huh. Uh-huh." all the while thinking "HURRY THE FOOK UP! MY FRIES ARE GETTING COLD!!!!!" :rofl:

:lbf: That's actually quite hilarious.
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