Johnny Marr in Talking Heads' Nothing But Flowers video


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Jeez, I had totally forgotten about this song and video. The woman with the curly hair: is that Kirsty MacColl?!

I like that one lyric, "And as things fell apart/nobody paid much attention." Very prescient.


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Face it, we are old!! :) I hope I'm as youthful-looking as Johnny Marr though -- who's several years older than me (had to slip that last bit in).

That video is from 1988, which is 19 effing years ago. Now I'm really depressed... :(


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Yeah, thanks, Mars. That's the thing that grabs me every time I see Morrissey's face now. Because, oh my god, if he's aged that much then so have I. And if he looks 50 then I'm only a double handful of years behind him.

Now he needs to do a song about how badly it sucks when Mr Rogers has died, and Jim Henson, and your knees are starting to go, the crows have had a party around the corners of your eyes, and you're not ready yet, damnit!
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