Johnny Marr hasn't read Morrissey's "Autobiography"; new solo album in Sep.; book forthcoming - NME

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    Johnny Marr: 'I haven't read Morrissey's autobiography' Johnny Marr -
    Former NME Godlike Genius is planning his own book


    Johnny Marr says he hasn't read the autobiography of his former Smiths bandmate Morrissey, which was published in October 2013.

    Talking to NME at the NME Awards 2014 with Austin, Texas last night (February 26) Marr said he's too busy to read it. He is planning his own memoir and promises to focus on The Smiths more in his book.

    Asked why he hadn't got around to reading 'Autobiography', Marr said: "I don't know about you, but I've got a lot of books to get through."


    Johnny Marr tells NME he'll release new solo album this September -
    Singer discusses follow-up to 'The Messenger' at NME Awards with Austin, Texas
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    1. Old Mathew
      Old Mathew
      I dunno, don't you think we could see the Morrissey album around the time of the US tour? Recorded in February, mixed and mastered in March, manufactured in April, released in May?

      It seems quick, but doable. Why would Moz tour right before the record came out?
    2. Uncleskinny
      Fair point. Going on past experience.

    3. MadeinSalford
      I am looking forward to hearing both albums.
      I believe Moz's one will be released slightly before that but who knows!
    4. modrevolve
      Will Moz have a parody shirt of Steven Fuckin Morrissey for sale?
    5. mcrickson
      THAT I'd buy.
    6. Girlmostlikely
      On the Harvest Records website it says Morrissey's album is slated for release in the second half of the year. Not too specific, but I suppose it means at least July.

      And on a Johnny related note;) I am looking forward to the second record! I saw him twice last year and I though he was even better the second time. Also his band was impressive. I have a feeling the second record will be a significant progression.
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    7. Anonymous
      I doubt they will rush release Morrissey's new record, but will carefully plan when they can release it with the biggest sales/chart impact - which may well be later in the year. And Morrissey touring in advance of a new album is hardly new - he was touring and playing tracks from 'Refusal' months before that album came out, and ditto for previous records.

      HOWEVER - unlike Johnny's album, a LOT of people will be interested in getting hold of Morrissey's new album a.s.a.p just to see what - if anything - he still has left in him, especially now he's minus Alain's songwriting for the first time since 1991. It's a big deal for both fans and journalists. I can easily imagine a scenario where the album leaks online months/weeks in advance of the proposed release date, and Moz/Harvest have to scrabble to rush release it to try and claw a few sales back off the freeloading downloaders.
    8. Anonymous
      Maybe it's actually the same album.
    9. davidt
    10. Stanley the 2nd
      Stanley the 2nd
      Sounds like a Craig David lyric. :blushing:
    11. Mr Reynolds
      Mr Reynolds
      Does anyone seriously believe Johnny hasn't read Autobiography yet... ;)
    12. CrystalGeezer
      I do. Since he's a pot smoker I suspect he's self medicating because he gets agitated easily. I imagine reading the book would raise his blood pressure to cataclysmic levels due to frustration, "That's bullshit! Bullocks! Feckin 'ell!" and so as advised by his doctor, wife and internal peaceful self, he has opted not to read it. There are two sides to EVERY story. ;)
    13. Jamie
      It would be interesting if they were released almost simultaneously, although I can't imagine either Morrissey or Johnny want that. It all too easily sets up the premise of joint album reviews which would read in summary:

      Morrissey: great lyrics and singing, so-so music
      Marr: great music and guitar-playing, so-so lyrics and voice

      From a marketing standpoint for either label, it is the best case scenario.
    14. Anonymous
      trust me. he read it
    15. Anonymous
      When Marr finally gets around to reading Moz _Autobiography_, he's in for a real treat. Marr looks like quite the idiot signing boilerplate record contracts with Rough Trade and EMI with no attempts at negotiation and too cheap to hire a lawyer for help. Oh, and no interest in putting agreements with Joyce and Rourke in writing. Joe Moss' tortious interference with a bad contract was all it took to turn Marr against Moz (temporarily/on/off). Then Marr calls one of his ticket purchasing customers a "fatty" to her face. Then he breaches his contract with EMI knowing he won't owe any damages since the real star, Moz, can pick up the pieces. Sweet guy.

    16. fallfan
      I'm personally very excited about this news. I loved The Messenger and thought Johnny was phenomenal live when he played Fort Lauderdale last year. Its pretty great that we're getting Morrissey and Marr albums within a short period of time.
    17. CrystalGeezer
      If this event stuck with Moz for so many years maybe it was the inspiration for YTOFMF. :p
    18. kissmyshadestoo
      looks like he has a new tattoo on his neck from that picture
    19. Anonymous

      And that's the irony of it all, huh? I'm not one of those that is dying to see a Smiths reunion but they would still combine based on your assessment (and mine) to make a great pairing... again.

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