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By Famous when dead on May 3, 2019 at 4:24 AM
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    Johnny Marr debuts Smiths classic live in Jersey as Morrissey begins Broadway run

    "Johnny Marr had to postpone the first couple dates of his spring North American tour due to visa issues, so Wednesday night’s show at NJ’s Wellmont Theatre ended up being the tour kickoff. While supporting last year’s Call the Comet, Johnny included lots of Smiths songs too, including “This Charming Man,” which was the first time he’d ever played it solo in the U.S. (and only the second time ever anywhere, according to He also played “The Headmaster Ritual,” “Bigmouth Strikes Again,” “Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me,” “How Soon is Now,” “There is a Light That Never Goes Out” and “You Just Haven’t Earned it Yet Baby.” He also did two Electronic songs, “Get the Message” and “Getting Away with It.” Setlist, and video of “This Charming Man,” is below.

    Johnny’s got the night off tonight which is coincidentally the first night of his old bandmate Morrissey’s Broadway run at the Lunt Fontanne Theatre. (Unless he cancels it at the 11th hour.) Could he….ok, no. There is almost zero chance of Johnny making an appearance, but to not point out that they’re in the same general area, well we couldn’t do that. Morrissey is calling these shows an “intimate career-retrospective” but, apart from the “intimate” part will they actually differ from a regular show he does? Stay tuned. His new all-covers album California Son is out later this month.

    Meanwhile, Johnny is featured in the latest episode of Ernie Ball’s “String Theory” video series, and he talks about his guitar technique, the origins of Smiths songs and lots more."


    String Theory:

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Discussion in 'Other Music' started by Famous when dead, May 3, 2019.

    1. Anonymous
      ...I just wanted to point out that's it's yet another lovely shirt...
      Does the shirt make Johnny look good
      or does Johnny make shirts look lovely?
      I dunno.
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    2. AnonymouslyYours
      Good god. Johnny's version of This Charming Man is horrid. Karaoke night anyone?
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    3. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111
      WTF??? NO FLOWERY SHIRT???:eek:

      he must have been shamed into buying a new one.:thumb:

      Musical, another CATASTROPHIC CATERWAULING EVENT!!!:lbf:

      hes is going to end up doing nothing but Moz material, the poor twat.:squiffy:
    4. johnsonb
      100% repulsed ad infinitum.
    5. Anonymous
      Thank you but no

      Is this the Jersey mix? Well it's bloody awful

      As to Johnny's singing: So I sit and I smile and I say well done...
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    6. Wobble
      I've always had some trouble trying to play and sing this song simultaneously.

      Glad to see Johnny can't do it either to be honest!
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    7. Amy
      A brilliant guitarist gets ready to play his signature tune… then takes the guitar OFF and croaks the lyrics?! Ouch, no.
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    8. Hank 18
      Hank 18
      The only reason to listen to Johnny perform this song is to see him play guitar. Why on earth would Johnny put down his guitar and just sing? Delusion has set in.
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    9. Whizz Kid
      Whizz Kid
      Imagine the gigantic balls on this guy to tackle This Charming Man! How do they fit into his skinny jeans? Love it, by the way, well done, Johnny!!
    10. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111

      another tv appearance talking about Moz?:lbf:
      at another housewife show? no shame.

      why doesnt he hawk the comet cds in the middle of the street:lbf:

      poor twat
    11. Peppermint
      Ewww... I stopped at 1 minute, couldn't bear it any longer. Baffling decision, Johnny! We love you but please don't do that again. Mind you, I did really enjoy 'Does anybody know how to play it properly?' :lbf: Seems like he's keen to prove a point of some sort...
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    12. Flibberty
      Johnny doesn't have the voice to sing this one and Morrissey's band didn't have the chops to play it...

      Those two guys should get together to form a group. ;)
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    13. Anonymous
      Totally uninteresting. It's like any other dull Smiths tribute band singer.
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    14. Amy
      Honestly, most tribute singers are better :lbf:
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    15. reelfountain
      Sounds like a really fun, good-natured gig.
    16. Anonymous
      Listen to you, little twats. You’re bitching about a man and band that shine like fucking diamonds, while slurping the cock-cheddar of a fat, has-been, racist shit-ticket - with a band that’s unable to play their own songs, let alone Smiths covers.

      Johnny Marr has more fucking talent, in his left nut, than Vegan Cro Fuck-wad has pizza pockets in his mom’s basement freezer.

      Get a clue.
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    17. vegan cro spirit 111
      vegan cro spirit 111

      Missus, singing like a:frogface: is considered
      a talent only in the gong show.:bow:
    18. AKA Foster88
      AKA Foster88
      Awful This Charming man....beyond awful. Disgusting.

      If this was a karaoke singer you'd pelt him with fruit.
    19. Orson Swells
      Orson Swells
      Only just seen this. Genuinely wish I hadn't...

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