Johnny Marr Book Tour Dates US & UK

You misunderstood my comment. The grapevine suggests Marr has unfolded as a genuinely gifted, insightful writer and that his book will shock many by the calm skill of his reveries, thus 'wiping the floor with Morrissey' in terms of stylistic restraint, authentic recollection and the numerous other key attributes of a successful autobiography. Morrissey's dire tome was simply the cutting floor of his analyst's couch. His fluffers managed to contrive a positive media reaction and then.....List Of El Plotto Losto arrived to finally and forever debunk the notion that Morrissey is a gifted writer. He is no such thing. He is a crank fraud hysteric whose prose only goes to show he is a tragic comic, a fool who got lucky by mimicking profundity, which the Muses indeed gifted on to him, only for him to blow it in a catastrophic narcissist rage.

I wait to see if Johnny Marr issues a 'mea culpa' to 'the lawnmover parts, legal issues notwithstanding. If he fails to do so he goes on the bonfire of vanities alongside Steven Patrick Morrissey. To say this is the pivotal, defining moment of the history of The Smiths radically understates the importance of this publication. I guess some people have already read the proof and know the fortunate they are to have advance insight into the final, definitive statement on that band, that era. And Iggy Pop is right, Marr was just as much the 'star' as Morrissey who was too vain and stupid to realise. The 'other two' were also equally important. Bono and The Edge grasped the truth: If you enter music as 'the last gang in town' and then are shown to be a grasping entrepreneur who would rather shaft your schoolfriends than share the wealth, fame and glory equally like U2 have done, then your reputation is toast. Morrissey's reputation went up in smoke with that dismal 100 page rant about the court case in his ridiculous memoir. Over to you, Mr Marr....if only I knew the answer....if only I knew what was coming.......but.....sadly.....I don't.........or do I? LOL!

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I agree that johnny marr was the most important member of the smiths. Without Marr its debatable if morrisssey would have ever made it in the music industry.
I wasnt overly impressed by mozza's bio.. it worked in some places..though the court case seemed to drag on forever, but he is obviously an immensely talented lyric writer. The way he put the words and melodies to marrs music is a form of genius...
They were both great - but the reason i got into the smiths all those years ago was because of Marr and his guitar... for other people i know - morrissey is the reason they loved the smiths.
You're also correct about the shafting of rourke and joyce.. there shouldnt have ever been any need for a court case. They should have got a higher percentage.
Some people would argue that there couldn't have been much "growing as a person" since Johnny has always been a perfect human being, without any faults whatsoever. A top bloke, a local lad, a role model who shits hit songs and is friends with everybody and who is never once wrong.

Yes. And they are wrong. I know it is a cliché but nobody is without flaws so neither is Johnny Marr or if I may dare to say so our beloved Moz :o

But for me Johnny Marr is such a great guitar player and I can't believe he is not a very kind and nice human being and he does what he can, which is a lot, see the other thread.

And I noticed his voice is getting better in a relative short timeframe since he decided starting to sing.
I reckon he puts a lot of effort in rehearsing and improving his singing techniques. Good for him and for his fans! :thumb:
I laugh out loud every time I've read the line

List of el plotto losto

Very funny
I laugh out loud every time I've read the line

List of el plotto losto

Very funny

Intellectual ownership BrummieBoy.
Credits where credits are due.
That's why I like his posts. :D
Coming over from Australia for these with no tickets. Anyone got a spare floating about, please feel free to drop me a line. :)
Any word on whether he is doing any book signings in the US?
Johnny Marr book tour dates:

November 7 – Manchester, England @ RNCM
November 10 – London, England @ The Barbican
November 15 – L New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre with Strand Bookstore $
November 16 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Vista Theater with Skylight Books *
November 18 – San Francisco, CA @ Jewish Community Center of San Francisco #
November 19 – Beaverton, OR @ Powell’s Bookstore %
December 9 – Birmingham, England @ Birmingham Town Hall
Hoping that Johnny does the same thing for the US book tour!

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