Johnny Marr at The Brits with Billie Eilish & Hans Zimmer



Apologies to all the above but being involved in a Bond theme is a huge thing back here in the little UK.
I have no doubt Steve could have achieved it as well BUT ! !
He’s nothing but a drama Queen, special needs, Out of control on the spectrum bell end.
It’s over.

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:

Benny-the-British-Asslicker :greatbritain::tongue:

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It's self-demonization. Who's actually been nasty to him? Morrissey's place in history is: Was good once, then was a twat. Late 20th century rock music is going to be a pretty specialised historical topic sooner than you probably think, anyways.

He's too good a writer - it's always a small group of people who carry someone's reputation into the future. Being difficult doesn't matter.

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It’s sad.
It’s unbelievable.
But it’s true.
So 4ck him.
Let’s just be thankful that we found him out big time.


But you're here - obsessing about him. Which is why he's going to be fine, no matter how daft he gets.
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