Johnny Marr asked about Morrissey's new album in NME (June 14, 2014)

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By davidt on Jun 28, 2014 at 1:36 AM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    From Johnny Marr's official site:

    Read Johnny’s feature in this months NME magazine.

    Guitar hero and NME god like genius Johnny fills us in on the fourthcoming follow-up to last years solo album ‘The Messenger”


    What do you think of Morrissey's new album, if you've heard any of it?
    "(Pause) Did you hear that? That question was the sound of the bar lowering."



Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 28, 2014.

    1. nothappynotsad
      Johnny can...

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    2. CrystalGeezer
      What a fucking dick.
    3. Young And Alive
      Young And Alive
      I understand it must be really irritating for him to get asked about Morrissey/The Smiths all the time, but if he feels that way he should politely tell the journalist he doesn't want any questions about him before the interview.

      He doesn't need to be so snappy about it.

      There's absolutely no way that Morrissey and Marr don't listen to each other's stuff. Of course they do. Whether they enjoy it or not is another matter.
    4. Anonymous
      It really astonishes me that after 27 years there is still so much bad blood and emotion between those two.
    5. Anonymous
      Nice neck tat, johnny.

      Is he referring to the album or the actual question?
    6. Young And Alive
      Young And Alive
      My understanding is that he was showing how tired he is of constant Morrissey-related questions. I think he finds it disrespectful considering he's been making music away from Morrissey for 27 years now.

      I don't think there's any 'bad blood' as such between them anymore.
    7. eyeball
      "that question was the sound of the bar lowering"

      nothing against morrissey per se
    8. CrystalGeezer
      I see it now, they shouldn't have even printed the question.
    9. VivaGil
      Hadn't this already been posted months ago? It's clearly him not wanting to talk about Morrissey than implying he was terrible.
    10. Anonymous
      I realise this, but he acts so damn offended when Moz is brought up. Has Morrissey ever answered a Smiths question so rudely?
    11. mcrickson
      Have you met Morrissey?
    12. Dead Girl
      Dead Girl
      Fuck Johnny Marr.
    13. Anonymous
      There's always the possibility that Johnny *did* politely tell the journalist he didn't want any questions about Morrissey before the interview, of course. And even if he didn't, any music writer worth their salt knows he's not going to answer that. It's a "gotcha" question, tossed into the interview in the hopes of a "Marr hates Morrissey" or a "Marr listens to Morrissey - Reunion! Reunion!" headline. Considering that, I think Johnny was gracious in his response.
    14. Anonymous
      Moz is so much more endearing when he's rude.
    15. marred
      He's referring to the bar lowering concerning the question not Morrissey's actual record. Do you really think Johnny Marr would have heard this album already, or ever? He hasn't even read the book yet and nor does he need to.

      btw is that a swallow on his neck?
    16. Anonymous
      I'd be a prick too, if every 10th facebook message or youtube comment was about how great Moz would be singing on top of this track instead, how much better Moz's lyrics are, how much better Moz's voice is...etc. And these kind of comments only refer back to The Smiths, never The The, Electronic, Modest Mouse, etc...

      It's like after The Smiths no one gave a fuck about him, and now that he is more in the spotlight, they only give a fuck if he reunites The Smiths or says something nice about Morrissey.
    17. Anonymous
      The man continues to fulfill his concert dates, even with a broken hand... & he's the one who's a dick???
    18. King Leer
      King Leer
      I sometimes wonder whether people who get a swallow on their neck know that one interpretation is that the person swallows (yes, in that sense of the word).
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    19. Guernie
      Please ...... people read the question and think a little before just tossing up "screw Johnny " comments. The Moz / bar lowering answer he gave was him telling the reporter the interview is now over . I agree with several on here who think Johnny just gets tired of being asked the same Moz/ Smith questions over and over. Anyway, How could he have have heard the Moz album already ? Morrissey isn't going to send him an advanced copy just like I bet Johnny didn't send Moz one when he made "The Messenger".

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