Johnny Marr appearing on Would I Lie To You (February 9, 2024)

Story about Angie, true
That's the first time I've seen a musician I like on a programme like that since Pete Shelly was on Never Mind The Buzzcocks in 2000.
I'm a huge fan of Peep Show, Not Going Out and The Trip (and Rob Brydon generally) so WILTY is right up my street.

Having Johnny on was just the icing on the cake.

He seemed a little nervous, but most of the non comedian guests they have on usually are. It isn't their comfort zone. Everyone else on the show makes people laugh for a living.

Give a comedian a guitar and ask him to play in front of an audience and he'd probably be nervous too.
Was the story about Johnny being pelted with eggs, and then meeting his future wife later that night mentioned in his autobiography, or ever mentioned before?
Was the story about Johnny being pelted with eggs, and then meeting his future wife later that night mentioned in his autobiography, or ever mentioned before?
I think it's in his memoir, yep.

At the end of January after a week of heavy snow, the bus drivers went on strike, which meant I had to walk the eight miles to the Co-Op. I took off in the freezing cold, and as I passed a bus stop near Brookway High School a few girls shouted to me, ‘Johnny, are you going to Gill’s party?’ I didn’t know about a party and I didn’t know Gill, so I just replied ‘Maybe’ and left it at that as I continued on my mission to get to work for my shift.
The evening drew in and got darker, and the sodium lights came on, turning the snow pale orange. There was no one on the streets and hardly any cars on the roads, and as time passed and I walked and walked I got lonely. I’d just turned fifteen, and all I wanted was to get ahead and go somewhere. I didn’t want to be walking for miles in the snow on my own to some place where I’d be put down and disrespected just because I had the gall to not hide my dreams. All the while I had the whole of The Only Ones’ album going through my head. I loved the band, and I knew every note and word. I felt like I was walking on spirit alone.
When I got to work I got word from one of the women on the checkouts that I had to go and see Maggie. I guessed I was in for some shit, and when I went to the office she said I was fired for being ten minutes late. To have the woman get in my face after the heroic expedition I’d just completed was so ridiculous I started laughing, and then really laughing. That Maggie was getting more annoyed made me giggle all the more, and the more annoyed she got the funnier it all was to me. It was hilarious, I loved it, it was perfect she flipped.
That was me out – cool. However, I didn’t know that when someone left the Co-Op the custom was that you went to the loading bay at the rear to face a firing squad made up of the entire staff, who were armed with a seemingly endless supply of eggs. It was a huge supermarket, so there was a hell of a lot of staff and a hell of a lot of eggs. As soon as I appeared, off they all went, no surrender, on and on, mercilessly, until I was completely covered with eggs. They waved their goodbyes and went back to work, laughing their heads off, and I had to get home. The buses still weren’t running, and I wouldn’t have been let on one anyway, so off I walked, a human omelette in the snow.
A couple of miles from home I was so cold and uncomfortable I decided to go to my mate Danny Patton’s place, which was on the way. Danny’s family were great. Whenever you turned up at his house, his parents would greet you warmly and they were fun and would let you hang out. They were most amused when I turned up on their doorstep. I went straight to the shower and borrowed some clothes. After I got fixed up, Danny asked me, ‘Are we going to Gill’s party? There’ll be some girls there.’
Quilloughby had many many invites to voice his opinions on the BBC political debate show Question Time but always bottled it. (Well known fact)
Funny that for a guy who had so much to say I always thought.

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