Johnny Marr #26 in SPIN's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time

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SPIN's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time - SPIN

26 Johnny Marr

If the Smiths' music sounded the way Morrissey's lyrics felt, no one would have made it through the first single without slashing their wrists. The band's tension — the good kind, not the kind that forces terse reunion-rumor denials every nine months — stemmed from the bipolar interplay between world-weary tales delivered wearily and Marr's clear, chiming guitar lines, skipping merrily and busily along while the group's frontman leads from behind, moping and sighing and kicking cans up the sidewalk.

Most Heroic Moment: While "This Charming Man" is emblematic of Marr's penchant for building entire songs around dizzying runs and the flanged effects of "How Soon Is Now?" are his most memorable, 1985's "What She Said" is as good an example as any of how effortlessly and heavily Marr could rock, no qualifiers needed. S.K.
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i'm glad he beat out pj harvey. seriously that is not the list i was expecting. that being said, Johnny should have been higher up


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This list is total shit.

Jam Master Jay in the top 10?
I like Run DMC and there are some cool guitar lines on songs like Rock Box but cool doesn't mean amazing.

It's like an April fools joke 5 weeks late.
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