Johnny - I don't think that's really a surprise that I would disagree with what Morrissey's saying

Where's the pride in having a damaged and dilated back passage and having to walk with a wiggle?

Just saying.

Wait, did you have a stroke? You stopped explaining what needed to be called out and just switched into seemingly unrelated rant. Did mom interrupt with some Hot Pockets and you forgot where you were in your otherwise brilliant dissertation?

My statement was easy to follow. Save your gamma nonsense for someone else
Looks like the resident racists also have other issues, it feels like we have been transported back to the 70’s,
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"join in waving the rainbow flag"..............or the K9 jelly.
The whole PRIDE thing is so paedophilic it's unreal. They're drawing children in. I saw an Argos ad yesterday sponsoring PRIDE and it was full of colourful toys like My Little Pony etc. It's very sinister but as usual most people cannot see this as they trust their betters and swallow whatever they're given.
My statement was easy to follow. Save your gamma nonsense for someone else
Listen, you didn't make a statement. You posted some random words and piece about a performance group and you're too skeered to say what you mean. That's about as "cucked" as you can get. You're the total runt of the litter of all the new alt-white posters here. Calling your post a statement is delusional. lol

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