Johnny Hallyday, the Elvis Presley of France, Is Dead at 74



This title of the Times is a joke.
Do not take for granted what the news tell you ...
Johnny Hallyday did a muzack from day 1, in the sixties he covered in French, American hits. he never wrote or composed anything. His gothmother when he first appeared on the tv screen at 17 was Line Renaud, an old woman 20 years older than him who also did muzack.
In France, he was always promoted by all the tv series, it was mainstream cheap rock'n'roll for people with no education.
People in the streets, on his funereal were people who were more mourning on their youth.


"A bit iffy" ★★☆☆☆ - AV Club
I don't get why the comparison between Johnny and Elvis would be so confusing. They belong to the same era
and they both have some interesting early work, but they're also generally both naff and conservative with an inexplicably large fanbase. Deux pois dans une cosse.
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