John Stoddart photos of Morrissey with Pat Phoenix, Ian McCulloch on Getty Images (8 total)

Posted by GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn in the morrissey frink thread!, a series of photos by John Stoddart on Getty Images. Excerpt:

Couple of pictures by John Stoddart I've never seen before.

Morrissey and Pat Phoenix, photographed having a little chat in Alderley Edge for May 1985 issue of Blitz (with Tony Booth checking in on them in one of the shots).

Apparently Morrissey didn't mind Pat smoking either ;) (The red wine might have helped with that...?).
Frighteningly dull outfit on Moz, but well compensated by Pat's substantial glamour. And I love close-ups where you can see his contacts (I'm a bit freakish).



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