Joey Barton tweets about invitation to meet Morrissey at Glastonbury

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By Uncleskinny on Jun 18, 2011 at 7:56 PM
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    Joey Barton tweets:

    "Just had the best phone call of my life"...
    "Relax, it wasn't football related"...

    "No, it was from Morrissey's personal security man asking if I would like to meet the great man @Glastonbury" (original tweet)


    Joey Barton tells Twitter he's thrilled by Morrissey's Glastonbury invite -
    Joey Barton has revealed news that has made his summer - no, not the new contract he wants at Newcastle, but an invitation to meet Morrissey at Glastonbury.

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    1. Anonymous
      desperate old morrrissey, he will grab at any straw that will keep him afloat, sad.
    2. Anonymous
    3. Anonymous
      Prick meet Dick.
    4. Anonymous
      Joey Barton was sitting in a nice garden this afternoon. :(
      Does he live in Portugal, where he received the phone call, or is he there just for the training camp?
      I liked his twits of this afternoon, inspired me to work out a little. :)

      If he invited to meet Morrissey at Glastonbury, does this mean that he would have been there anyway or that Morrissey gets him in through the guest list?
    5. Anonymous
      Morrissey loves a boyish rogue. If discipline is needed he will surely deliver it, over the knee with you Joey lad.
    6. disappointing
      Another publicity photo,designed to make morrissey look good.How sad that he has become so predictable.
    7. Anonymous
      Perhaps Joey Barton is actually of interest to Moz? They are both complex characters...
    8. Anonymous
      Don't be daft,he is of use to morrissey, the photo of them both side by side is all morrissey is interested in- a desperate attempt to make an old morrissey look cool,useful to morrisseys carefully orchestrated image.
    9. goinghome
      Nearly all of the above comments are nasty, irresponsible and, I think, regrettable to right-thinking readers. :crazy:
    10. CrystalGeezer
      This. If I had clout I'd want to meet a few baseball players.
    11. Misery Chastain
      Misery Chastain
      "Joey Barton is a part of the 'Get Hooked on Fishing' campaign, designed to keep children out of trouble by encouraging them to take up fishing."

      Bryan Ferry became "Bryan Ferret" for the hunting connection, but being involved in a 'fishing campaign' is apparently ok??
    12. Anonymous
      Thug and 'complex character' are really not the same thing.
    13. orlando
      moron comments on morrissey-solo
    14. Anonymous
      Joey Barton is a top guy. Morrissey is THE top guy. Why are there so many moronic, jealous and bitter people using this forum?

      I knew as soon as I saw Barton's new quiff last season that he had to be into Moz and his tweets confirm it all. Stop hating and crawl back into your mundane lives.
    15. Anonymous
      Joey is clearly a Smiths fan - playing their songs and quoting their lyrics. Is he really into modern day Morrissey stuff?
    16. Anonymous
      Fair play to him, people on here would deem Joey 'Not worthy' to meet the great man
      But Moz clearly likes the' Hard Man' characters, so why not
    17. Anonymous
      Joey has previously tweeted that he is going glastonbury this year, is wayne rooney, am i
    18. Anonymous
      Thank you for the reply and the information. It is cool that he gets the added bonus then to meet Morrissey!
    19. klaus
      I thought he said no meat at his concerts. I guess there's an exception for beefcake.

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