Joey Barton on his obsession with The Smiths

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By davidt on Dec 27, 2011 at 4:47 PM
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    Andrew sends the link:

    Joey Barton on his obsession with The Smiths - BBC Sport / Football

    QPR midfielder Joey Barton tells Football Focus about his love of British band The Smiths, saying one of his biggest regrets is never seeing them live.

    He also explains why his favourite song is 'Still Ill' and how 'Meat is Murder' made him and his uncle become vegetarians - although the Liverpudlian admits he only lasted for one week without meat.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 27, 2011.

    1. Death Disco
      Death Disco
      Johnny Marr's Rifts? Is that his new band?
    2. Anonymous
      How can he 'regret' never seeing The Smiths live? He was born in 1982. Unless he decided against buying a ticket when he was four or five, its not exactly a 'regret' is it? Dozy get.
    3. Johnny's RIFTS
      Johnny's RIFTS
      Ha ha ha ! What a knobhead he actually said "Rifts"

      Joey just stick to kicking that bag of wind round for ninety minutes will you!!

      Oh and yer diving and play acting skills.

      RIFTS ha ha ha ha ha!!! What next????? "My biggest regret was not seeing the Smithts live but I WAS THERE and saw the sex pistolts though honest!!!!!!"

      Thick as shite and thirty years to late HAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. SirTuborgnights
      Rifts!!!! Still ill by who??? A country mile!!

      Cause der wer dis sticker on de frrridge like dat sed meat is murder so a turned into a vegitublist like for abowd........................a week a fink it wuz!!!!!!! yeh it wuz a week like and Morrissey's poems I don't fink of dem as poem finggies I kinda fink of dem as ryhmy..............yeh dats it ryhmes and Johnny whats-he-called his rifty fings on top and de rest of em just puttin it togever like!!!!!! yeh dats it int milk brilliant!!!!!!
      A wrode a song abowd it its called "Milk is not Murder" dat wuz cauze ah listenin to de Smifs an all, cause they just get you!!!!!!!!!!!!
      What???????? DE DO DOH!!!!!!!DON'T DE DOH!!!!!! LIKE!!
    5. Anonymous
      ironically, my biggest regret is seeing Joey barton alive
    6. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      i like joey barton,you cant knock someone who is a massive smiths and morrissey fan.
      i like his style,prefered it when his hair was really short at the sides and long on top,very 1940s look. : - )
    7. Anonymous
      Really!!! i didnt think people like you existed....sending death threats on a blog!!....brave!
    8. t-barto
      Definition...thick as shit: someone wasting there time writing shit. i know for a fact! that joey was listening to the smiths while still in the womb..thanks for your non important comment and picking out the spelling mistake....pistols not pistolts!!...gobshite!!!
    9. t-barto

      nice one kidda,,,,thanks for positive blog!!
    10. t-barto

      subsequently i wish for death at one's elbow...twat!!!
    11. Uncleskinny
      Nice and steady now, you'll enjoy your stay here.


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