Joey Barton, bad boy English footballer, tells us what his favourite song is...


It's all good

Thanks to Dickie for spotting this on Twitter.

I don't care what people say about him. Nobody who picks that as their best song ever can be a truly bad person.
Nice quiff this season too.
didn't see that one coming. Breaks jaw of team mate, stubs cigar butt out in the eye
of youth player, street brawls, Nazi salutes at games, basic f***ing thug.
The guy's a walking turd
Joey is a brilliant footballer and a good man who does thoughtful charity work (unlike brand Beckham who does it publicity)
Uncleskinny, it was mentioned in The unusual Reference Thread last week that Joey listened to The Smiths.
Maybe he thinks the light that never goes out is his belief in the superiority of his race.
I felt sick when I read this . . . the horrible little black and white c**k end. :straightface:

Although 'Strangeways Here We Come' would be appropriate as his favourite album??

I couldn't give a monkey's toss how much charity work he reckons he does, either.


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