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    Apr 23, 2006
    When did he leave the Smiths entourage?

    Watching some obscure YouTube video last night (cant find the link now, will recover it when I get home) and Marr said the day 'so-and-so' (obviously Moz) inclined that it was time to get rid of Joe, the implication being it was because he was getting close to Johhny, was the time the band really started to decline and that the end wasnt far away from that moment.

    But if I remember correctly from the Rogan book, Moss left in 84, right before probably the most successful period of the bands history, coming before Meat Is Murder, The Queen Is Dead and Strangeways. Marr seemed pretty adament that it was downhill from then on though :confused: So if he did leave early, was there friction from early on or is Johhny embellishing things a bit?
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    ^ I vote for 'embellishing things a bit'...

    Was that "The Rise and Fall Of The Smiths (aka "Young Guns Go For It"), an episode of a TV show on 80s bands? That doumentary was very much in the vein of 'Moz is guilty for everything' :rolleyes:
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    Apr 25, 2006
    Marr doing his "I'll take credit for all the good stuff but everything that went wrong with The Smiths is Morrissey's fault" act again. :rolleyes:

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