Jodie Comer plays "Christine" in "England Is Mine" - Interview

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    JODIE COMER - Interview Magazine


    Now film directors are sending their own admiring missives Comer's way. Her next film is Steven, a drama revolving around the pre-fame years of legendary musician Morrissey. "I play Christine, who works in the tax office with Steven," she explains. "She's very narrow-minded and doesn't think before she speaks, and he's this serious guy into all this weird music. She takes a shine to him, but he can't stand her really." It's hard to imagine even an enigmatic figure like Morrissey rebuffing her.



Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Mar 24, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      I don't think Morrissey has ever found women physically attractive, so it makes perfect sense to me.
    2. celibate
      as the person above me writes, the young Morrissey never was interested in a relation , not even gender related at that time , I think
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    3. Anonymous
      Yeah, that's why he can't take his hands off...
    4. ACTON
      So basically is this some made up non-romance that never existed in real-life but they are putting it into the film to spice it up and show how 'weird' the music that Morrissey liked was? Yawn. I could probably imagine a much better Moz film, project it inside my head, and avoid the hassle and cost of going to 'England Is Mine' in the cinema. Or just watch 'M in Manchester' instead.
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    5. Anonymous
      Has there every been a Darren or Gordon in Moz' life? If not then these roles are made up too.
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    6. Anonymous
      Trans? Time to bone up on my "MrE3000" and "Jon Humanity" videos
    7. Anonymous
      A film making things up? Sh*t the bed, who'd have thought it.

      "I could probably imagine a much better Moz film"

      Probably...if you could be bothered but apathy and a feeling of superiority reigns.
    8. Anonymous
      Yes he did. Fact.
    9. Ketamine Sun
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    10. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      Jodie wore her Turkey dress for me.
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    11. AztecCamera
      I reckon who is going to play lil' Sammy, David Beck Ham, Snoopy Dog, Ice Cube, Chad the Malibu personal trainer, James O"Brien and of course Aunt Nancy. Reckon how are they going to recreate Disneyland and The Grand Canyon from Morrissey's vacations from his "working class factory" youth and how can they recreate The Sunset Marquis, Dodger Stadium, the Calabasas Costco, The Wiltern, LAX, the old Cat and Fiddle many unknowns.
    12. ACTON
      Are you being sarcastic or just ignorant? I can't tell which.
    13. celibate
      it could be much better, but than the Smiths part would be in a bit till the first Ritz gig, royalties and all would be the reason to make it till Johnny knocks on the door.

      Notice , Morrissey came to the flat where Linder lived, but Linder had a relation with the Television frontman, and lived with Him, me brain says Tom Verlaine, but I prolly am wrong, anyway just want to add this detail, thanks Action for your great posts, as lots of other people here
    14. Anonymous
    15. Anonymous
      Mark Gill posting anonymously again. Isn't it pathetic how you keep an eye on what our opinion of you and this film is. If you didnt even bother to to consult Moz or get his consent why bother about ours? Don't come to our site and insult our members it makes you look so weak and self-conscious.
    16. Anonymous
      I think you've got the monopoly on ignorance.
    17. Anonymous
    18. Anonymous

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