Jobriath's Elektra Albums Reissued On Collectors' Choice


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Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones played on one or both Jobriath albums, I recently learned.

[I realise there are only a handful of us Zep fans on this site, but nevertheless thought I'd share]


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Jobriath 1st Album Budget CD Release

Rhino have released the 1st Jobriath album as a part of their "Encore" Budget CD series. I don't think the material has been remastered - in fact, it sounds Quite muddy. No Extra tracks and just very basic inserts.

On the spine of the CD they have spelt Jobriath as "Jobraithe" and on the CD "Jobraith". Oh dear!

But not bad for £4.99. I've read that the 2nd album "Creatures of the Street" will follow next month...


New Member seems Rhino have just released the 1st album and Collectors Choices will release both 1 & 2 next week?
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