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By Chickpea on Sep 6, 2014 at 4:05 PM
  1. Chickpea

    Chickpea pithy yet degenerate

    Jul 3, 2014
    Joan Rivers dies -
    6 September 2014

    Lately, death is insatiable. Thank God black goes with everything. When Kirk Douglas dies ... somebody, somewhere ... switch out the lights.

    6 September 2014
    Lublin, Poland.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by Chickpea, Sep 6, 2014.

    1. realitybites
      I was calling the OP anti-Semitic, not Joan, you imbecile.
    2. Chickpea
      Yes, people are people, but people are also the sum of their parts—and a huge part of what made Joan Rivers (and a lot of other Jewish comedians) who she was as a comic was the fact that she was a Jew born in America in the 1930s. So I do think it matters, and it's important to acknowledge. Knowing she was Jewish gives her material context. (I don't think you're saying differently, I'm just clarifying my POV.)

      I think a lot of people assume Robin Williams was Jewish simply because he was a comedian, a field which has (at least in the US) historically been dominated by Jews. Having dark hair and a prominent nose* didn't hurt, either!

      *If anyone tries to call me antisemitic for saying that, I'll post a picture of myself.
    3. keene
      keene are getting on your high horse....again.
    4. realitybites
      Do you need to update your contact lens prescription? Geezer thinks I called Joan anti-Semitic. I didn't. You agree that I am mentally impaired for calling Joan anti-Semitic--which I didn't? And yes, I still am and will always be more intelligent than Geezer. Thank you for noticing. I have something that places me at a distinct advantage: I am a rational thinker. Ration thought trumps delusional thinking all days of the week.
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    5. Chickpea
      It really is not that cut and dry, RB, not even for Jews who have spent hundreds of years talking about this very subject. Jewishness is not only a chosen religion for a great many people, even among those of us who consider ourselves atheists. It wasn't only a religion to the Nazis, either.
    6. realitybites
      Honey, I never stepped down from it. You can't take the height? Then stop looking up.
    7. CrystalGeezer
      You're welcome. It's an act, she can't even follow the direction of a conversation, much less offer anything to it.

      Regarding your surprise for Morrissey liking Joan, he's no stranger to admiring strong-willed women with big mouths. I'm not surprised in the least.
    8. hand in glove
      hand in glove

      Whatever you are born into is what you will inevitably be. I think it's very clear and you're being unnecessarily technical.

      He was born Episcopalian but he had great love and respect for the Jewish community.
    9. realitybites
      Jewishness is about community as well. The only people who claim it is a race are the anti-Semitics (Nazis, Russians, white supremacists, skinheads, etc.) and the Zionists. For different reasons, of course. But most moderate, educated Jews agree that Judaism is a religion, an identity, a community but NOT a biological race. Can one look Jewish, as hand in glove alluded to? And she accused me of Eugenics? Ha!
    10. realitybites

      Yes, ascribed birth statuses have much to do with the categories you will remain in throughout your life. I understand Your Robin Williams comment very clearly--thank you for the info. But your other comments lead me to believe you are ignorant regarding the differences between race, religion, ethnicity, and nationality.
    11. hand in glove
      hand in glove

      But of course...
    12. keene
      I'm not looking up....your high horse doesn't come up to my ankles.

      I love the way Morrissey shoots these little dark missives of death from the abyss of celebrity nothingness and it goes straight to the heart. Dig it.
    13. realitybites
      You must be a jolly bald giant then.
    14. Charlie Cheswick
      Charlie Cheswick
      I quite liked her but her comments re Israel Palestine were a bit cuntish. For that today I'm not sad.
    15. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      As far as aggressive dog breeds go - yeah. You did sound like a budding Hitler. That's just the truth. So, Ha... :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

      And, before you start - I'm not Anti-Semitic or a racist of any kind. Never have been and never will be.
    16. realitybites
      I don't think you are. But the way you wrote... well... just saying it could be perceived as, at the very least, politically incorrect. Eugenics had to do with humans not dogs. So claiming that pit bills are a dangerous dog breed which should be eliminated form the gene pool is hardy Hitleresque.
    17. Chickpea
      Yes, and that's down to ethnicity and genetics, just like many other groups of people who can trace their origins back to specific parts of the world and certain genetic markers. In fact, many Jews opt to get genetic testing done before having children (or even before choosing to marry a certain person) for that very reason:

      (I don't think anyone here mentioned race, fwiw.)
    18. CrystalGeezer
      Eugenics and Speciesism are the same thing.
    19. Chickpea
      Hah! I thought the same. It was a Joan-esque comment to make, which I am sure was intentional.
    20. keene
      You know RB, it's obvious to everyone here including your self, that you have a tendency towards defensive arrogance. Especially when the thread is about death.

      Sex and death. It's a need to work it out. I have some suggestions......

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