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By Chickpea on Sep 6, 2014 at 4:05 PM
  1. Chickpea

    Chickpea pithy yet degenerate

    Jul 3, 2014
    Joan Rivers dies -
    6 September 2014

    Lately, death is insatiable. Thank God black goes with everything. When Kirk Douglas dies ... somebody, somewhere ... switch out the lights.

    6 September 2014
    Lublin, Poland.
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by Chickpea, Sep 6, 2014.

    1. Chickpea
    2. Raphael Lambach
      Raphael Lambach
      What is he doing in Poland?
    3. Anonymous
      Nazi that he is, probably re-enacting the invasion of 75 years ago......
    4. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Her death was just so unexpected. Yes, she was 81 years old, but she was healthy. Not in and out of hospital or sickly. I feel such sadness for Melissa and her son, Cooper. They didn't even get to say goodbye. I have the same type of relationship with my mother as Melissa had with hers - very close. I can't even imagine...

      Death comes quietly...and ever so quickly.
    5. Mozza220559
      I liked Joan, she was a cranky old fucking Jew with a great sense of humour, everyone was fair game especially herself.
    6. Chickpea
      My love for Joan was lifelong and unconditional. Her daytime talk show ran during my high school years, and she was my introduction to club kids, Gwar, drag queens…you name it. She celebrated weirdos and she really understood the kind of humor that outcasts have about themselves. She was a lot like John Waters in that way, really. Joan gave everyone shit, herself included, and that's how she got through life. Joan was a tough, hard-working bitch right up to the end—she never took any of what she had for granted. Those who don't think she was funny or reduce her to simply being "mean" are not my people.

      Cindy Adams told the Post that Joan went out in full hair and makeup while listening to the Oklahoma! soundtrack under a faux mink blanket. I find all of that very comforting.
    7. Anonymous
      Now Poland? He really is turning into Melmoth the Wanderer...
    8. Anonymous
      He's evidently overlooked her pro-fur stance, as he did PJ Harvey's pro-foxhunting.
    9. Anonymous
      I love to travel but am I the only one who finds it odd that he just wanders around the world staying in hotels? What does he do with his possessions?
    10. Anonymous
      i wish his notes of grief didnt always mention someone else
    11. keene
      Probably my favorite movie and one I go back to all the time is "Lonely are the Brave"....Kirk Douglas's best.

      See this movie,...... one that's mentioned in Morrissey's Autobiography.
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    12. Detritus
      Morrissey has criticized PJ Harvey's stance on foxhunting in the past. She gets a scathing mention in this recent TTY statement.
    13. Bluebirds
      am I the only one getting fed up with Mozzer's mini obituaries. I wonder if he scours the obituary sections of the local newspapers wherever he may be today.
    14. Belligerent Ghoul
      Belligerent Ghoul
      Morrissey said "thank God for social media" while refusing to Tweet and denouncing this site when fans, including me, made videos for songs from "World Peace..." There was a lot swirling then, I don't recall it all, and that part of his statement, a statement I praised, struck me as disingenuous; I doubt Morrissey even likes traditional forms of media...he's just a stone's throw away from being a media recluse. Again, that's just my opinion, an opinion that comes from someone who refrains from criticizing Morrissey, who has apparently drank the "Kool-Aid" for I have almost nothing negative to say about him. At gut, this strikes me as a round about apology for the unwitting jab he took at Robin Williams...but I am probably wrong.
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    15. Poppycocteau.
      I didn't like Joan Rivers at all - it's very easy to be nasty about people's outfits and create laughs by being unkind. What takes real talent is making people laugh without doing that.
    16. CrystalGeezer
      That was just her latest project, she's been writing quality one-liners that touch on all aspects of society and world affairs for over 50 years. You have to separate the person from the schtick.
    17. Poppycocteau.
      Disagree. The 'schtick' was what she chose to do, and that entailed criticising female celebrities for their appearances, which, in my opinion, is a contributory factor in how messed up so many women are about how they look. Eating disorders, mental problems and numerous other miseries are caused by the scrutiny under which women's faces and bodies are placed . . . and she contributed to that. Making a living by being a mean-spirited body-shamer is not what a good person does. She was a bully. Oh, and what she said about Gaza was desperately narrow-minded and ugly.
    18. CrystalGeezer
      Well...everyone is entitled to their opinion I suppose.
    19. Chickpea
      Poppycocteau, as a feminist who hates everything about my appearance and who has adored Joan Rivers' brand of comedy going back at least 3 decades of my life, I have to ask how much you actually know about her career and what (as Geezer said) she's been doing for the past 50 years. I recall you also saying that Elaine Stritch was "annoying" despite your admission to not knowing who she was, and I really am wondering whether the same isn't true for Rivers. These were two strong, powerful, brave women from a very different era who came up during a time when female comics just did not do what they did. I truly believe that comedy comes with a different set of social "rules," too. The power to make people laugh and, consequently, to think about why they find certain things so incredibly funny while simultaneously feeling uncomfortable is really, really important and very hard to do.

      I don't know how you feel about Camille Paglia, but you might get something out of what she's written about Joan Rivers being both a feminist and (I think just as importantly) a populist—particularly in answer to the question "What would you say about the claim that Joan reserved her meanest comments for other women?"

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