Jo Brand's 'The More You Ignore Me' - adapted in to a film & now cast

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    Lots of Morrissey references.
    Described as about a Morrissey-loving schizophrenic.
    Jo's book gets the big screen treatment.

    Sheridan Smith to star in Jo Brand film - Chortle
    Cast of The More You Ignore Me announced


    "The cast has been announced for Jo Brand’s first film.

    The More You Ignore Me is based on her novel and revolves around a child coping with her mother's schizophrenia.

    Sheridan Smith is taking the lead role of Gina, with Ella Hunt as her daughter Alice. Shooting starts in Blackpool today.

    Former Two Pints Of Lager star Smith recently finished her West End run in Funny Girl, and will be returning to TV as one of the narrators in Crackanory. She won acclaim in 2014 for her TV portrayal as Cilla Black (pictured)

    The cast features many familiar faces, including Sally Phillips, Sheila Hancock, Ricky Tomlinson, Lisa Stansfield, Tom Davies and Brand herself.

    As Chortle reported in September, the film is set in the 1980s and is set to the songs of The Smiths, while drawing on Brand’s experiences as a former psychiatric nurse."


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    Previous article with Morrissey information re: plot.

    "In the 80s-set novel, bullied schoolgirl Alice seeks solace in Morrissey's songs but her mother Gina also becomes infatuated with the singer when her medication changes."

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    1. Anonymous
      What's this - the 3rd Smiths related film currently in production? Obviously the movie moguls are trying to launch a Smiths Cinematic Universe to rival DC and Marvel.
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    2. gordyboy9
      not a fan of Sheridan smith,she suffers from Jennifer Lawrence/amy adams syndrome where no matter how good or bad they are the media will still say Oscar winning performance.
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    3. marred
      Yeah and that include's her tripping over every time there's a camera on her in public.
    4. butley
      The fact this is the third Smiths/Morrissey related film is an incredible state of affairs. The amount of other artists Morrissey has inspired is amazing.
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    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      The likes of Brand or Burke fondly remembering Morrissey is always good to see.
      Personally, I'd love to see Willy Russell's 'The Wrong Boy' made in to a quirky BBC drama/Ch4 film. If done right and cast well - it could be brilliant. The book is still worth a read too.
      FWD .
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    6. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      he's still alive.
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    7. mycatmorrissey
      I found that in a charity shop a couple of years ago, and bought it without knowing what it was about or the fact it was in any way referencing Morrissey. Laughed my head off all the way through! Brilliant.

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