JM's Morrissey Bootleg of the Day: Aylesbury 12.6.1999, "Goodbye to the UK"

6 December 1999
Civic Centre, Aylesbury, UK

You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
The Boy Racer
Alma Matters
Reader Meet Author
Is It Really So Strange?
Hairdresser On Fire
Break Up The Family
A Swallow On My Neck
Half A Person
Billy Budd
Roy's Keen
Now My Heart Is Full
November Spawned A Monster
Meat Is Murder
/Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

For a second night in a row, a song was performed for the first time ever. For this gig Morrissey introduced "Half A Person", making it four Smiths songs in the setlist. It had never even been performed by the Smiths during their living days.

The final concert of the UK portion of the Oye Esteban tour was a success. The fans were energetic and many got on stage. Morrissey was in good spirits and very talkative as usual. Strangely he kept singing about his testicles, in lines such as "I've got two testicles" in Tomorrow instead of "All I ask of you", or in another song "I'll save you, I've got two testicles".

The fans were greeted with a comment about the venue "So Macbethian... how do you do?". To someone who kept shouting at Morrissey that he needed a belt, Morrissey asked "what waist size are you?". The person said "36" to which Morrissey replied "just the right size then!". To fans who were chanting "there's only one Boz Boorer", Morrissey replied "they're two actually!"

Some other Morrissey banter:
"Swim, swim swim!"
"What do you want me to do?"
"Doesn't this always happen with your socks?" (commenting about them always falling down)
"I am sure only 4 people in here are from Aylesbury... the rest of you came from other places like... Middlesbrough?"
"So have you all peaked?" (because fans had quieted down)
"Where's Kentish Town? Is it near Gravesend?"
"Where's home? Who knows - I don't know"
"What Boz?" (Boz: "Are you alright?") "No, of course I'm not alright, or else I wouldn't be here!"
"Whoever gets the t-shirt gets me... don't throw it back please... that's the catch!" "Thank you for coming... you can now go home and look forward to your porridge... well what else is there to do!"

Morrissey came back for the encore in a Cockney Rejects t-shirt.

NOTE: The text was copied and pasted from the website "Passions Just Like Mine"
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