Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) paints The Smiths

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uncleskinny, Dec 31, 2018.

By Uncleskinny on Dec 31, 2018 at 7:50 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Uncleskinny, Dec 31, 2018.

    1. ACTON
      Andy looks like a hybrid of himself, Craig Gannon, and a nettle bush that a bulldog just pissed on.
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    2. Anonymous
      Nicely done. The only one who doesn’t look like the picture I think is mike. I found Andy to look just like the pic
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    3. Anonymous
      Wanted to link to the original. I know we’ve all seen it but it’s more fun to compare with the inspiration
    4. Anonymous
    5. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    6. Anonymous
      Indeed fwd. I copied the pic and pasted it in the first post by holding on the image and pressing copy and then paste and it showed up in the posting box but disappeared when the post showed. Then I just forgot the link. I don’t post pics much and haven’t for a long time now and just forgot how
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    7. Anonymous
      Or Frankenstein.
      I'd tell Móir to stick to the day job but he's not funny either.
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    8. Anonymous
      The drawing of Morrissey is a good likeness apart from he hasn't got Morrissey's nose quite right. Morrissey has a much more defined, nice looking nose. Morrissey was very handsome back in the 1980s and he still is today! I think that Morrissey has aged very well he is a refined, nice looking older gentleman with great hair. I don't care for the other former members of The Smiths apart from I have some respect for Johnny Marr for what he achieved back in The Smiths days but not his recent musical output. I wish that Johnny Marr would be more supportive of Morrissey these days especially when it comes to politics. Not quite sure what you mean by "the image is clearly from earlier than re-animated Rourke-era Smiths"? Do you know if Morrissey likes Jim Moir/Vic Reeves at all? This is a video of Andy Rourke where he is being interviewed. Don't know what era this is but it shows what Andy Rourke looked like at one point:

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    9. Anonymous
      Thinking about the drawing again. Morrissey has a better more defined nose in real life but it isn't just Morrissey's nose that he has got slightly wrong. Morrissey's hair is ok but not totally right. Morrissey's eyebrows and chin don't look totally right either. I think Morrissey's chin could of been done a lot better. Morrissey is such a beautiful man both inside and out! Morrissey's beauty doesn't come across enough for me. Jim Moir/Vic Reeves could of portrayed/captured Morrissey's beauty, sensitivity and intensity better than he did.

      Do you know if Morrissey likes Jim Moir/Vic Reeves at all? I'm guessing if Jim Moir/Vic Reeves used to be a pig farmer and he has made fun of Morrissey in some of his comedy sketches then he probably doesn't like him that much. I loved Morecambe & Wise so sad we don't have great British comedy like that anymore. I think Vic & Bob tried to model themselves on Morecambe & Wise to some extent.
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    10. Anonymous
      I had a look at Craig Gannon's Wikipedia page it seems that he also sued Morrissey. Craig Gannon actually sued Morrissey before Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke did! Craig Gannon was the instigator for what Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke later did. It was Craig Gannon who first gave Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke the idea to sue Morrissey.

      After leaving The Smiths, Craig Gannon joined Brix Smith in The Adult Net and Blue Orchids. He reunited with Morrissey at his debut solo gig and 1989 singles "The Last of the Famous International Playboys" and "Interesting Drug", but that same year (1989) saw him sue Morrissey and Johnny Marr for nonpayment of wages and over the degree of his involvement in songwriting (notably for "Ask"). The matter was settled out of court for the sum of £44,000. This amount included £30,000 for unpaid wages and £14,000 in legal costs. Craig Gannon composed the music used on the "Inside The Smiths" DVD, released by former Smiths Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. In addition to this, he also appeared in and composed the music for a classic albums DVD of "The Queen Is Dead" – released in May 2008. For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Gannon

      It seems that Craig Gannon is just another hater and he has close ties with Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke. In my view he isn't as bad as Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are though. Have there been others who have sued Morrissey?
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    11. Anonymous
      There's this article: https://www.spin.com/2014/07/morrissey-lawsuit-bodyguard-hurt-fan/

      It says that Morrissey hates this forum. If you are true fan of Morrissey's you should probably stay off of this forum.
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    12. Surface
      What would you do If you carried out some work and wasn't paid?
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    13. bhops
      As remember it Morrissey and Vic were friends around the time that Morrissey toured the Kill Uncle album. Wasn't he asked about Morrissey The Consumer Monkey in the NME interview he did in Germany (the one where he is wearing the denim jacket) and he said he found it funny or words to that effect.

      Then in '92 when promoting Your Arsenal (I think in Q but could be wrong) he switched to saying he loathed the creation and wished pain on it's creator, which seemed to infer some type of falling out.
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    14. rifke
      are you sure your use of infer here is entirely correct?
    15. ACTON
      Looking to be paid doesn't make you a hater. If that is the case then we are all haters. Everyone knows Moz is a skinflint who still has his Communion money. To what degree the three guys were entitled to more ££ is something we'll never fully know. But I wouldn't assume Moz is always a spotless angel, especially when it comes to money and treating people fairly. A lot of people have fallen by the wayside: Joe Moss, 2000 managers, many record labels, Alain, Gary, Andy, Stephen Street, to name just a few. That's not for nothing. Of course it is valid to say that some level of attrition is normal for such a long and successful career. So we shouldn't blame them or Moz without weighing up the facts, and realising that we probably only know 10% of the real story.
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    16. Anonymous
      Are you saying that Morrissey owes you some money? Morrissey doesn't personally owe me anything at all either in terms of money or in other ways! All Morrissey has done is to enrich my life in so many ways and I'm not talking financially. Money isn't everything in life. Morrissey is incredibly talented, gifted, intelligent, artistic, handsome and sensitive. I believe that Morrissey is an honest, hardworking and decent person with real integrity. Morrissey has worked really hard for most of his life for everything that he now has. Morrissey wasn't handed everything on a plate he isn't from a wealthy background.

      The former Smiths manager Joe Moss died of cancer back in 2015 at the age of 72. Joe Moss was really good friends with Johnny Marr so it isn't surprising that he would take Johnny Marr's side over Morrissey. Joe Moss was there for Johnny Marr not for Morrissey. From what I understand Joe Moss was able to get his £6,000 back.

      By Alain I guess that you are talking about Alain Whyte? Alain Whyte played lead guitar live with Morrissey from 1991 to 2004 until he was taken ill and replaced by Jesse Tobias. For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alain_Whyte

      By Gary I guess that you mean Gary Day? Gary Day used to play bass guitar for Morrissey. Morrissey's bass player is now someone else. For more info about Gary Day: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Day_(musician)

      From what I understand the record producer Stephen Street hasn't worked with Morrissey for quite a few years now. For more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Street

      By Andy I guess that you mean Andy Rourke? I dislike Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce for what they did to Morrissey. It isn't just about the money it also about the way that they humiliated Morrissey by taking him to court. Andy Rourke was subpoenaed to give evidence at the High Court in London. Obviously, Andy Rourke took Mike Joyce's side he had to back Mike Joyce up or it would of made his own case look bad. From what I understand the court case is still an ongoing thing so I don't want to say too much. I completely take Morrissey and Johnny Marr's side in the court case! I think that Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce are both conceited they view themselves as being more important than they actually were in terms of the musical output of The Smiths. Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce come across as very entitled like they both deserve to be important, rich, famous rockstars on the same level as people like Morrissey, Mick Jagger or whoever. From reading some of Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce's interviews they both still seem to be harboring a lot of anger, bitterness and resentment towards Morrissey. I trust what Morrissey says over anything Andy Rourke or Mike Joyce might say! Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce come cross as opportunists out for what they can get I don't trust them.

      I don't think that Craig Gannon is as bad as Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke are but I don't like the way that he sued Morrissey and Johnny Marr. It's funny how people always blame Morrissey but not Johnny Marr. Johnny Marr is also a wealthy guy and he gets off scot-free?

      All of the people that you mention like Joe Moss and other people who used to manage Morrissey/The Smiths. Record companies that Morrissey is no longer involved with. Gary Day, Alain Whyte, Stephen Street and Andy Rourke. These are all people from Morrissey's past. They no longer work for Morrissey and they aren't personal friends of his. It seems that when Morrissey decided not to work with them anymore then they got angry and demanded Morrissey for money. They know that Morrissey is a wealthy guy and he is a soft touch. The strange thing is that they were quite happy with what money they were getting when they were working for Morrissey.

      By Communion money do you mean Holy Communion at church? It is also called the Eucharist or the Lord's Supper. Morrissey was brought up Roman Catholic but I don't think that he goes to mass on a regular basis anymore. I don't personally know what money Morrissey may or may not of donated to the Roman Catholic Church over the years when the collection plate or bag got handed round. The collection is also known as the "offertory". I don't think that Morrissey is a practicing Catholic anymore.
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    17. Uncleskinny
      Get some help Andrea. You're sick.
    18. bhops
      Pot. Kettle. Black.
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    19. Anonymous
      Thank you for posting this article from back in 2014 and warning me.

      Morrissey says: "I cannot admit to actually “knowing” Bradley Steyn. Yes, I am aware that he is South African and that he lives in Los Angeles, and that he has “walked off” three Morrissey tours – which really is his own business, not mine. My personal involvement with him has been zero, and he has certainly never been Head Of Security on any Morrissey tour."

      Morrissey also says: "It is common knowledge that I dislike the SoLow site".

      I can understand this because there is a lot negative stuff about Morrissey on here when this is meant to be a fan website. This is an unauthorised fan website. There are still some genuine Morrissey fans on here as well though.

      It seems that Morrissey has been unhappy with this website from as far back as 2011 and maybe even before that: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2011/jun/29/morrissey-wages-war-fansite

      On the "Following the Mozziah" blog Ratty has talked about this website. http://followingthemozziah.blogspot.com/
    20. Frank Shankly
      Frank Shankly
      When was Chris Waddle in The Smiths?

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