Jim Moir (Vic Reeves) paints The Smiths


I’d buy this one of his View attachment 46994
This is so great! It reminds me of Andy Warhol's artwork in style. I love artwork of just Morrissey alone. I personally wouldn't buy anything which had the other former members of The Smiths in it especially if Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke were in the picture. I can't forgive them for what they did to Morrissey. :(
Exactly. He loved Vic & Bob when they took the piss out of others, but the moment they mocked him, they suddenly weren’t funny anymore.
Anymore! Were they ever?
His stint as a pig farmer probably wouldnt go down well either.
Ya'll reckon this is the most vile thing I have seen in me life. Ya'll reckon this looks like it came from Mad magazine. Ya'll reckon if Uncle Steve didn't have Aunt Nancy sending him all over LA all the time getting the special pasta for lasagna, marinara sauce, and Italian bread and Uncle Steve wasn't so involved in his over 50 basketball league team, his high powered Beverly Hills attorneys could sue this fuck for defamation.
He’s nailed Moz. Rourke however looks a bit like Frankenstein’s iteration of Rourke created as a backup when he was fired for his heroin use. And that’s the wrong-era Smiths as the image is clearly from earlier than re-animated Rourke-era Smiths. He’s clearly not a real fan. 1/10

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