Jesus and Mary Chain on Letterman tonight


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Ooh, thank you!! That should be worth staying up late for.

P.S. Do you think they'll show up trashed, or are they too old/mature for that now?


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OK, so I stayed up way past my bedtime last night to check in on the Reid brothers, and see how they're getting on in life. They were good! A few observations:

1. They did not appear to be trashed at all, but they sang about it. One of the lyrics went like, "Each drug I take, it's gonna be my last; each day I wake up, it's gonna be my last." Ah, those cheery Scots.
2. The criticism I'd heard of the J&M Chain is that they cannot duplicate that powerful wall of fuzz sound live. Not quite true in this case: they sounded very strong. Got a good reaction from the audience and the host. Jim acknowledged the audience twice, thanking them with a raised arm. Never saw him do that before.
3. How do they look? Jim has very short hair now, and a mildly receding hairline. He looks his age. William has put on some weight, and has gone the Robert Smith route of wearing a big jersey. He still has long curly hair; he wore sunglasses and kept his head down (ha!) and focused on his guitar.

Sorry if this little review is unfocused, I'm very sleepy today.
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