Jesus And Mary Chain album reissues July 11

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On July 11, Rhino Records will honor the influential Jesus And Mary Chain by reissuing the band's five Warner Bros. albums as DualDiscs. Each DualDisc features a remastered version of the original album on the CD side, while the DVD side contains the album remastered in high-resolution stereo along with a trio of videos. is hosting listening party audio streams for the reissued albums, which include Psychocandy, Darklands, Honey's Dead, Automatic and Stoned & Dethroned.


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Those dual disc things confuse me. Are they supposed to be played on a DVD player or some new kind of equipment? Some months ago I was considering buying Fiona Apple's album but the dual disc shit confused me and I went for something else.

In any case, I'm glad I saw this. My "Automatic" had tequila and coke spilled all over the booklet by some idiot, which really annoys me. So this is a good reason to finally replace it.


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holy shit! i aint missin this!

anyone got presale tix code for tixmaster? i have to see j&mc.... i just have to....


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sorry i dobuted you Johan de Witt. its just jim went solo a bit ago and i thought he was gonna stick to that for a while, like tom booth did but then again james are back together....yey hope they play manchester real soon and they can wear early marychain wigs & get bobby to play on drums again :^)
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