Jessica Brown Findlay talks about playing Linder in "England Is Mine" - Culture Trip

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    Jessica Brown Findlay Blooms Beyond 'Downton Abbey' - Culture Trip


    CT: In England Is Mine, you play Morrissey’s friend Linder Sterling, who was a visionary figure on the Manchester punk scene—and who wore a meat dress years before Lady Gaga did. She must have been exciting to play.

    JBF: It was a really exciting journey, a wonderful job. It was exhilarating looking at her work. She was an artist, a feminist, an influence on so many people. Brilliant. But the main thing going on in the film is her friendship with Morrissey. The story ends at the very beginning of The Smiths. It’s less “Morrissey” and more “Steven.”

    CT: Did you meet Linder or Morrissey?

    JBF: No! [laughs]


Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Mar 24, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      they talk about her as if she was dead, quite weird
    2. Anonymous
      My cat Squiggles played the Rum Tum Tugger on the London stage. He said it was more Tugger than Rum Tum. And he never met Magical Mr Mistoffelees or Old Deuteronomy.

      He gave a riveting interview in Whiskers Weekly. You may have missed it.
    3. g23
      But isn't that biopics? The way they approach it, it's almost as if Moz is under the soil already.
    4. marred
      Yeah you're probably right there. The content for the film clearly came from Autobiography and they didn't even bother to talk to him about it. Bizarre and rude.
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    5. Anonymous
      William Thacker said he finished the script before Autobiography was released. That is a pity because there are actually things in it that had not been mentioned before like the panic attacks. But maybe they added some content later.
    6. celibate
      c'mon with the producing, takes some time
    7. HangtheDJ16
      I love Jessica Brown Findlay - a great actress and a beautiful woman. I imagine this film will be very slight - hopefully it doesn't do too many injustices.

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