Jehne,you scabby old bitch,youcouldn't help your troll self could you.



this is entertainment/pt.II (Score:0)

iseeafool, teehee.
Anonymous -- Thursday June 09 2005, @01:45PM (#166311)

You made the above post on the main board, and after I have kept myself to myself and not joined in the savaging you've been getting recently, as people slowly wake up to what you really are.

I deleted my journal as a show of good faith that I had done with arguing on this piece of shit site.
You obviously missed trolling there, which you did on every entry, as the first time I have posted since then, you have immediately trolled me anonymously.
Now I couldn't give a f*** about being trolled, particularly by rubbish cunts like yourself, but for you to then fill the site with denials that you have ever trolled anyone is stomach churning hypocrisy at it's worst.

Don't force me to have to address you again, you or any of your tedious aliases.

i am trying to MaKe MySelF INterEstinG wiTH errATT

it's all become clear now, the woman is mental, and in the bad way
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