Jeaousy issues


And I watch Home Alone...
Have any of your partners ever been jealous of Moz? My past four girlfriends all have. My current girlfriend says she doesn't like sharing me, and got pretty mad when I told her that what she said reminded me of a song from Strangeways.
An absent user SlumMum1974 told us that her partner was really jealous with Morrissey.
She couldn't keep some items at her house, had to ask her mother for help.

Hopefully her partner is no longer jealous with Morrissey because we hardly see her in here (I know she's busy studying to be a nurse, actually).
Hi Kewpie!

Did you know that Paris Hilton has a song called "Jealousy?" I don't think it's about Morrissey, though. Whatever happened to her, anyway? :confused:
I know you don't like me, Patrick!, but feel compelled to answer anyway.

I have a male friend who HATES Morrissey because, supposedly, "He was swarmed by WOMEN onstage in Dallas in 1991, and he ran away.."

I was there, saw the stage invasion, not just women swarming fact for a few seconds i was frightened for was pretty intense.

Oh and i guess because i've had a twenty-plus years long crush on Moz, and i guess my friend is mad that i don't feel that way about him. Lol!! I love this guy to death, but he's more delusional than i am!!! :lbf:
I'm so obviously crazy about my husband that he isn't jealous of Morrissey in the slightest. It helps that he loves Morrissey as well.
I was once asked to please not play the Pet Shop Boys again, and I knew it was over, but Morrissey has never been an issue. :)
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