@JDBeauvallet (Les Inrocukuptibles) tweets more praise on Morrissey's new album

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 16, 2014.

By davidt on Jun 16, 2014 at 4:58 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2014 (read-only)' started by davidt, Jun 16, 2014.

    1. 21punksalute
      It's hardly a review. I find this very self serving and gloating.
    2. Tingle3
      OK, can someone please explain whether the 'deluxe' version with 18 tracks has 18 tracks on CDs or do you get the standard 12 track CD and 12 + 6 bonus tracks as digital download. I'm not very 'with it'. Can you help please? Amazon.co.uk doesn't seem to distinguish between the two except in track listing and price (£14.99 versus £11.99).
    3. Anonymous
      What hype ? Are we talking about all the typical hissy diva hype ? The toys out of the pram hype ?
    4. Hod
      For what it's worth, I'm going to go to a record shop to buy the CD on the day of release because of all the confusion regarding the deluxe edition. I'd presume the CD deluxe comes with 2 CDs, but with regards to vinyl I haven't a clue. Amazon UK usually ship your item and offer a digital download on the day of release, presumably as a nicety and to avoid trouble if the physical item doesn't arrive on time. Hope this helps, though I might have just repeated what you already know!

      RE The Tweet: I find it odd, but intriguing, that people like JDBeauvallet and the guy who knew the single release dates have this information. Where do they get it? Is this apart of the marketing strategy too?
    5. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Exactly. I've hit on this in a couple recent posts elsewhere on these boards. The only hype right now is extremely negative hype. Friends who barely know who Morrissey is are texting me asking "WTF is his problem?", because they've read about the latest tour meltdown and subsequent "statements".

      The question is: where does he go from here? Is there a way to rebound from this? I dunno.
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    6. mcrickson
      Even if he doesn't tour for the rest of the year, the album is still (godwilling) coming out, and I do have a feeling it will be met favorably by the music press, just judging from what's been released so far. It definitely makes "Years of Refusal" looks like trash, for the most part. It's Morrissey — regardless of the tour debacle, people WILL listen to the album, reviews WILL be picked up on Pitchfork and potentially Rolling Stone, people will know that he's put out something better than recent efforts. While it is not an ideal platform for this album release, it's not an end, unless he decides it's going to be an end.

      I do have a feeling he'll at least try to tour again later this year — maybe not as much as he could for an album release, but the "unimaginable sorrow" TTY statement was positive on his recovery time in the sense that, yes, it may eclipse the remaining run of the tour — but he's not facing the reported major trauma and blood loss that he was battling last year (hopefully).
    7. BrummieBoy
      Totally agree with JDBeauvallet. Morrissey deserves a new audience, a fresh start and recent events suggest that's exactly what's coming down the pipe. Exciting times. I hope he's enjoying the World Cup as much as I am...wherever he is. Already the best Morrissey solo album and so much more to discover. Unless you're JDBeauvallet and the rest of the select insiders who've actually heard the whole thing. I'm sure it's wonderful, but I'll just have to wait to hear it like everyone else.

      best wishes

      ps: Say a prayer tonight for Cristiano Ronaldo.....LOLOLOL!
    8. Anonymous
      You - and your friends - shouldn't believe the So_Low hype! It's nothing more than a customary storm-in-a-teacup drama created by the feverish speculation of people on here with a lot of time and no insights, coupled with the predictable negative spin of the usual attention-whores. Nothing more, nothing less. There's no new story in terms of health/cancelled shows - this has been happening for years. And let's just remind ourselves how the usual suspects have been droning on tediously FOR YEARS angrily asserting that his career is over now, that no label or promoter will touch him now, that all his fans have deserted him now - NONE of it has actually happened, of course. And remember those who confidently stated that Penguin would lose all credibility and/or collapse, implode, suffer a shareholder revolt and fold etc as a result of publishing his book as a Penguin Classic? That didn't happen either, naturally. I just find it beyond sad that a handful of people who profess to hate a pop star so much should spend so much time visiting this site every single day, avidly reading every single story in order to post snide comments under every new item. On any other wesbite, they would be properly (dis)regarded as trolls and removed...but just because davidt has decided that trolls deserve the oxygen of publicity, that doesn't actually make their agenda even remotely plausible.
    9. marred
      Rebound from what exactly? He's cancelled some dates and has a new album coming out. He's cancelled dates before. The melodrama is getting to be a bit much, and it's not Morrissey's I'm talking about.
    10. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      I was referring more to the ridiculous pissing match between Morrissey, Kristeen Young, and others that occurred last week. The whole thing painted Morrissey in a very bad light.
    11. FAN
      This clown must have cotton crammed into his ear; WPINOYB is not a very good disc; the songs are lackluster at best--not one of them is even close to songs like Sunday, November, Drug, etc. The lyrics suck and the music is more hack from some poor musicians.
    12. mcrickson
      The best thing he's done regarding that situation has been refraining from posting an exhausting diatribe on TTY. Yeah, Jesse responded, but if it had been Morrissey himself — who we're supposed to be feeling sorry for falling ill — I feel like that would've been him digging himself an even deeper hole.
    13. Anonymous
      ... and has been replaced by some other celebrity twaddle this week. Morrissey will keep on truckin' -- he always does, despite the handful of Solo'ers who consistently try to convince themselves and others that this time, without doubt, Moz has taken his final bullet. He hasn't.
    14. Anonymous
    15. Sidnettle

      When and how did you hear it, please?
    16. Chip
      To the best of my knowledge with the exception of one Washington Post (blog) article with a very interesting headline the only real coverage of Morrissey-Young-Tobias-Visconti has been Pitchfork Media, Rolling Stone, NME, etc. All of which today had moved onto the Bullfigther Dies--which Spin Magazine (no idea they still existed) called "gleeful" and "celebratory." I also remember these same sites covering Morrissey debuting Kick the Bride Down the Isle in concert as if it were the fall of Mosul.

      Point is--if you're on Pitchfork Media reading about tour melodrama you probably are aware an album is coming out.
    17. Harsh Truth
      Harsh Truth
      Decent points but please don't dismiss me as a Morrissey-hating troll. To the contrary, I have supported him immensely for 3/4 of my life. Just because I've made a few thoughtful comments/observations/opinions on a DISCUSSION FORUM (you know, where news items are open for discussion) over the past week with regards to the latest drama - and haven't entirely bought the company line on the matter - doesn't make me any less of a supporter.

      In other posts of late I've praised 2014 live shows and spoken well of the new songs. My only "agenda" is being able to continue enjoying Morrissey's work, in concert and on record for as long as possible. It brings me and countless others great happiness.
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    18. Anonymous
      1. JD Beauvallet is not a clown , useless twat . Look what he's done for 30 years in his mag .Please read all Moz 's interviews in Les Inrocks and then write a real review of WPINOYB here as you seem to be a happy few in possession of the disc. Or shut up.
      2. Beauvallet has the next disc at home because he shares many decades of trust with Morrissey as far as press is concerned. Morrissey gave his last interview as a Smiths to Les Inrocks, showing the press release of the end of the Smiths at the end of this interview.
      PS if you think November is a classic , listen again to Vauxhall please.
    19. Anonymous
      The thing I don't like about this tweet is that it's sort of a back handed compliment, because it craps on the albums/music Morrissey has put out over the past ten years. From what I've heard of this album, I think it will be amazing... but so is Years of Refusal, so is Ringleader, so is You are the Quarry! That's a decade of really solid music.

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