James Russell, director of "Morrissey 25: Live" interview on BBC Radio Ulster

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    1. Anonymous
      its apparent by the certain who don't come to this site anymore that there is now an overall disinterest in Morrissey. his band are rubbish. do you seriously get goosebumps when you hear these songs? go and watch johnny and his little band playing new town velocity live at Glastonbury if you want to hear how a good live band should sound. after hearing the smiths how on earth can this current band be acceptable. its been on the decline since viva hate, certainly live at least. even alains attempts at stuff like headmaster ritual and there is a light were shocking. I won't buy this rubbish or any more tickets . I know its over.....does he?
    2. Anonymous
      Look. That's nearly the biggest load of rubbish I've ever read.

      Sorry but I know everyone has an opinion and it is a matter of opinion but you are wrong.

      Not to worry. You go off and enjoy other bands....and don't come back lol ! ....

    3. celibate
      Idon't care about all these items where Morrissey's 25 live get discussed,
      at the end, in oct. it's gonna be released, and I for one gonna buy it for sure

      'and they say he's mentall... in body and soul in part and in whole
    4. Girlmostlikely
      This interview won't play for me :( It may be unavailable in US.

      Did James Russell say any thing interesting about making the movie or about Moz??
    5. Anonymous
      For the record:

      i am one of the many, many visitors (I'm sure) who visit this site and never comment on anything, as want to avoid the shitfest that follows - we, quiet minority have better things to do in life than taking part in childish arguments.

      Now, many raise the question a lot of times when someone posts a negative comment (most recently about the Morrissey 25 live film), why come here and bitch about, why don't we just go off and listen to some other bands/artists?

      Yes, I'm also someone who thinks of Morrissey's recent output and live band is more than sub-standard - i could go on and on about it but you read it before from others. so you know where i stand. But you know, if you're someone who was a fan for many, many years, and Morrissey had a very special place in your heart - you know, it's not easy just to give up on him that easily. It's like, you had a great, great friend/girlfriend who was very important to you for years, has a very special place in your life, then gradually you see this person turn into someone you detest. Or goes out with a total jerk.

      After a while you give up, sure, as it's his/her life, but for a while...don't tell me you would just shrug and pass if you would be disappointed in someone - as we are disappointed in our former hero.

      Don't be afraid. We will disappear. But wouldn't it be nicer to start to like him again? It's not up to us.

      Have a nice day you all.
    6. Girlmostlikely
      It's not over! I believe, Morrissey has a lot left in him ;)

      Yes, Johnny's band is terrific :) The comparing of the two live acts is a childish way of insulting Morrissey that is currently in favor.

      Even when Morrissey leaves this world it won't be over, his long ago solidified legacy will out last us all.
    7. beewee
      Re: James Russell, director of "Morrissey 25: Live" interview on BBC Radio Ulster


      - - - Updated - - -

      It should download OK, it just takes a LONG time. Click about 1:10 and allow about 5 mins.

      Good interview, very interesting look into the creation and direction of the DVD. All the things that people are complaining about in the reviews are exactly what most asked for, a live look at a live concert, not a 25 year documentary on his solo career. I think the interview was great~
    8. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      I don't need to go to Glastonbury to see johhny, saw him a couple months ago at the abc glasgow, okay for a tenner on a quiet Tuesday night but no better than that. No better than the the smyths in the same venue a month later. Johhny will never has the presence on stage as morrissey and his voice is nowhere near as good. Johhny can't even sell out small venues while morrissey sells out arena's, that says it all.
    9. Uncleskinny
      He's a guitarist, you know that, right? Not a singer. And Morrissey's not a guitarist. A once-in-a-lifetime coming together of two extraordinary talents. You sure don't like Johnny. Your prerogative. You can't deny his talent or influence.

    10. Irish blood Irish heart
      Irish blood Irish heart
      Oh I know he's a guitarist all right, I was replying to a post comparing johhny to morrissey. I actually do like johhny and enjoyed my night at his gig, I just think a morrissey gig is more of an event, more of an occasion, something special if you know what I mean
    11. realitybites
      Great interview. :) Can't wait to see the film.
    12. Anonymous
      I hear you! Bring back the old band and watch the labels come calling.
    13. celibate
      yeah ,

      Alain, Gary and Spencer

      ;and they say he's mental' ...Dallow Spicer, Pinky Cubit
    14. grant gauld
      grant gauld
      interview was great,hope he does more work with moz.

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