James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem mentions Morrissey in interview

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    Sep 23, 2015
    James Murphy Knows He's Not Getting Any Younger - Noisey / VICE

    Does how Morrissey has become affect your enjoyment of his music?

    I met Morrissey once, you know. I interviewed him for a magazine in 2001. He was exactly as you'd imagine: standoffish, prickly, fussy, but OK really. He was terrifying to me because I'd been such a big fan. I finished his autobiography which is almost unreadable. I didn't understand a lot of the background to him being decried as a racist or a xenophobe. He denies it but also doesn't make that many compelling arguments for you to give him a break on it either. But his relationship with the UK music press feels a bit witch-hunty to me. I just got hatcheted recently by somebody who wilfully took stuff that I said out of context just so that they had a story—and you can smell it on these guys—so I can imagine most journalists being out to throttle him. Is he insufferable? Yes, and he's bad at hiding it. But there are a lot of really insufferable people we've allowed to get away with it because they're really good at hiding it. And I think I'd sooner know he was insufferable and made really fucking great music and brilliant lyrics that both make you want to cry and laugh. It's a tough game, man. That Smiths shit is hard to fuck with.
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    1. gordyboy9
      autobiography is almost unreadable,,aint got a clue what that means.no part of auto was unreadable for me,,thought it was great.
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    2. Anonymous
      Agreed. I found it a page turner myself
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    3. George the 23rd
      George the 23rd
      A fair assessment, on the whole. It's fair to say Autobiography isn't exactly the most accessible read, though you could say that's part of the appeal.

      This song from his (excellent) latest album struck me as pretty Morrissey-esque...
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    4. Anonymous
      The entire middle of that book (court case) was so awful. Did we really need 30+% of the book to focus on his bitterness over that? Could have been 5-8 pages and done with it. Had it not been for that moaning on and on and on, it would have been a great book!
    5. Anonymous
      Yes I suppose it would be awful if you weren’t really interested in it and therefore uninterested with the single event that has most shaped his post-Smiths demeanour.
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    6. g23
      While it may not have been literally unreadable, I'd rather have read the owner's manual for a 1983 Datsun than 1,472 pages on the court case.
    7. DJCeremony
      “Unreadable?” I found Autobiography a real joy and very readable... readable enough to read twice, in fact. I'm looking forward to a third.
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    8. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      'Did we really need 30+% of the book to focus on his bitterness over that?

      yes, and so did he.

      'Could have been 5-8 pages and done with it.'

      No. Because, it seems that M needed to get it off his chest in that way. So, be honest, does anyone really want a 'Sorrow Will Come In The End' part - 2? part 3? or 4?5?!'

      What I'm saying is, if he didn't let it all out in his book then the burden of the injustice done to him would end up being songs on the next 5 albums ! :lbf:

      So we should really be glad for that section of his book. :)


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    9. countthree
      Agree. One of the best I've read.
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    10. countthree
      Well, if most press and "intellectual" people usually tolerate and flatter predators, liers and corrupts around the globe with the only condition they are rich or powerful, they may ignore the couple of minor flaws of character they attribute to Morrissey. His only fault is thinking and expressing his thoughts. That makes of him one of a kind in the best possible way. Why are these people even mentioning Morrissey in a slighty insulting way when they have so much truly evil people to comment about? Is Morrissey a scapegoat just because he refuses to shut his mouth and resign his lifelong principles? Please, stop trolling Morrissey, you are just embarrasing yourselves every time you use him to divert the attention of real evil problems. Morrissey deserves our best consideration for multiple reasons. Besides that, he is adorable.
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    11. The Wild Turkey
      The Wild Turkey
      When James Murphy writes his autobiography, it'll read like part Talking Heads biography, part David Bowie biography, part Suicide biography, part Blondie biography, etc.
      Then all the hipsters at Pissfork will read it and declare "He's so brilliant and origional!". Then James will go to the Pissfork offices, take off his shirt, rub Crisco on his belly,
      and roll around on the floor for a half hour. Then all the hipsters will wet their pants. Then James will wet his pants. Then they'll all sit on the floor in one big puddle.
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    12. Sister I'm a Poet
      Sister I'm a Poet
      Maybe he meant "List of the Lost"!
    13. 21punksalute
      Autobiography is the easiest thing I’ve ever read (and the best thing).
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    14. Anonymous
      I guess he will never even try his luck with the classical Russian writers or Finnegans Wake.
    15. Emma
      I read Autobiography in seven days during my summer vacations, I was completely exhausted when I finished it but it was worth it, it's an amazing book
      I wish he could write part II :D
      Is that even possible? to write a second book of a biography? :rolleyes:
    16. Anonymous
      Autobiography was about his life. It was very internally focused and more about his personal life and state of mind than what was going on around him. If he did write another he could always take the more historical approach and write about his work with him obviously as the focus. His time writing and recording the smiths and his solo albums giving behind the scene anecdotes which is what a lot of people wanted anyway. A smiths and "morrissey" band artist bio
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    17. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      well, he could pick up where he left off.
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    18. MiserableLie95
      To be fair, I've read it four times and I do find some parts of it to be a trial to get through.

      The very long sections on his primary school days, the rambling about television and movies he watched growing up (this may just be personal preference as I don't care much about old movies/tv shows), the court case, and the fact that a significant portion of the end of the book is essentially a tour diary- though I must admit there are some interesting lines to be found there.

      EDIT: I've read it four times because I enjoy it. It's far from perfect though.
    19. Eustace Walks
      Eustace Walks
      I'm a big LCD fan - and an English literature university student, no less... but I found Autobiography a bit challenging and eventually, I just gave up on it. I found it too angry and ranty for a book by an artist whose initial appeal for me, lay in his wry wit and lyrical cunning... But everyone's entitled to their opinion of it, crucially :thumb:

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