James Maker: Autofellatio reading in Oxford

Luke Mitchell

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On Friday 22nd of September, James Maker came to the Albion Beatnik Bookstore in Oxford to read excerpts from his recently re-published memoir "Autofellatio".

He began by reading one of the new chapters from the end, regarding his move back to the city after living in rural Spain for several years. Emphatic and full of charisma, the latest chapter is just as witty and entertaining as one could hope. James also read the chapter "Haircentricity", which existed in the previous edition of the book as well, and similarly is very funny and erudite. The latest edition of the book looks a lot better than the last, and it sports photos throughout as well. I would truly recommend reading it, and furthermore if you can, contact James about doing a reading somewhere local to you. It was a great night, and he was very entertaining as well as making excellent discussion.

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