James Bond Theme - "Home is a Question Mark"



So much better than this Sam Smith crap that they used. His song is worse than Thunderball. I should say Sam Smith=Thunder “Balls.”

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Some of Morrissey's songs have such a Bondesque John Barry type sound to them but no one was ever going to choose Morrissey to sing a Bond theme. I've set "Home is a Question Mark" to the main titles of Spectre. I made the animation sequence black and white in honour of Morrissey's love for all things vintage. I've also added a Morrissey credit. I had to add the intro of the song to the end to fill it out because Morrissey finishes the song a bit too early. Let me know what you think before youtube removes it :)

After the upload youtube have made it slightly out of sync. Th slap of the newspaper was in sync in my original video. Might be because of the frame rate.

Oh Marred, that was really wonderful and it really is a Bond song, I agree totally with you.

I any case that song should be the theme for the next Bond movie!
You proved it!

And I have always maintained Moz could have been the only one and true genuine successor of Sean Connery as James Bond if he was asked but unfortunately he thinks of himself he cannot act. I wonder if he ever tried apart from that one time appearance in that U.K. soap where he was supposed to act like himself.
Thanks for sharing! :thumb:


Swedish actor Peter Stormare slaughters Bond and tells us why he turned down a part in it.

Couldn't agree more!
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