James Blunt defends Morrissey's comments; other Morrissey Nobel concert press

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    Øystein writes:

    James Blunt: - Is it right for Morrissey to perform here? Of course it’s right. Mandela died earlier this week, he talked about conciliation and understanding. I don’t know what he (Morrissey) said, but we have to forgive and move on.

    Blunt: - Selvfølgelig riktig for Morrissey å spille her (includes video clip) - VG Nett

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    An anonymous person also writes:

    Here is the whole 26-minutes long press conference, Blunt's defence of Morrissey from about 15:10.

    An anonymous person writes:

    Norway is ready for Morrissey! Gentle and kind people like this journalist has understood something most journalists hasn't:

    Kommentar: La mannen synge - og snakke - VG Nett

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    An anonymous person also writes:

    From Norwegian public broadcasting, on tonight's Nobel concert:

    Moz og oss - NRK

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    1. Anonymous
      Re: Favorable article about Morrisseys presence in Oslo (norwegian newspaper)

      To use this thread to gather all news about the event, there was a press conference with the artists today. James Blunt was asked if it was right for Morrissey to appear at the concert. He responded with something like "Of course it's right for him to play here. It's the week of Mandelas death and he talked about compassion and understanding. I don't know what [Morrissey] said, but we must forgive and move on."
    2. Anonymous
    3. CrystalGeezer
    4. AnonymozOzlo
    5. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      "I don’t know what he (Morrissey) said, but we have to forgive and move on."

      :squiffy: Blunt is even more of a dick than I suspected.

      Lest we forget: “We all live in a murderous world, as the events in Norway have shown. Though that is nothing compared to what happens in McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Shit every day."
    6. CrystalGeezer
      Please provide the youtube clip where he said what you quoted.
    7. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Youtube is the standard of public record now? I was looking for an old Top Of The Pops performance of Everyday Is Like Sunday the other week but it wasn't on there. Perhaps that didn't happen either.

      Are you now suggesting he did not say it? The statement he felt he had to clarify on TTY? That one? That statement?

      Rather that play idiot games with you, how about you prove he didn't? That might be more entertaining for everyone.
    8. Surface
      Is that what he said though or what you want to believe he said?
    9. davidt
      The actual quote and YouTube clip is documented and discussed here. While the quote is not exact, the context is the similar, comparing the deaths of the children to the fast food industry a few days after the mass murders. Some suggest in the thread that the actual quote is even worse than those quoted in the press.
    10. Anonymous
      I'm Norwegian (so excuse my weird English), but I think it would be really strange if Morrissey had to apologize for what he said. As inconsiderate as his comments were, factually he was right.

      What Breivik did wasn't nothing. But compared to many other things it was. Breivik murdered 77 individuals. The modern meat industry kills 60 billion animals a year, and prior to that, treats them in a way even shit wouldn't deserve to be treated. Companies like McDonald's and KFC are also the number one reason for things like world hunger. In terms of inflicted suffering, Breivik's crimes really are barely comparable to the meat industry.

      It's okay to be outraged by Morrissey's bad timing. It's okay to be outraged by his choice of words. But if you claim to be outraged because what he said wasn't true, then you're just being intellectually dishonest so that you wouldn't have to admit that in fact, evil isn't something that only isolated psychopaths are capable of, but actually something that most of us are supporting all the time.
    11. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Not a James Blunt fan, but fair play to him.
      I don't think it will descend in to Madstock mark 2 as it's a peace concert.
      Oh... and as for broadcast:
      "The gig tonight is being shown in some places, in the UK it's shown on New Years Eve on Sky

      A little bit of info lifted from Boz's facebook.
      I think it will surface on youtube before people in the UK have to wait to see it on sky.
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    12. CrystalGeezer
      Barleycorn keeps saying he said it's NOTHING COMPARED...

      Morrissey said,

      "Despite the love, we do live on a murderous planet,
      as you will have seen over the last few days in Norway.
      Murder murder murder.
      But really, every single day, worse things happen in KFC and McDonalds.
      Murder, murder, murder, murder, murder..."

      He did not reduce the events of Norway to NOTHING. He commented on the magnitude of life extinguished as being a daily occurrence. His theme was murder of LIFE, a comment on the antithesis of peace and harmony. It wasn't humans vs animals, it was DEATH VS LIFE.
    13. Girlmostlikely
      I thought it was very cool of James Blunt to defend Morrissey.

      Blunt was not asked about Morrissey, Swedish artist Tibmuktu was, and then Blunt chimed in to offer Morrissey support. He seemed quite genuine about it.

      After watching this press conference I couldn't help but thinking there's no way Morrissey would have participated in this even if he had been treated well by the press. He would have been all kinds of awkward even under the best circumstances. :p
    14. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I suppose it was inevitable that those who share Morrissey's moral bankruptcy on this issue would eventually get to the point where they see the lack of a comma or even a lack of video evidence as a proof that it did not happen at all.

      It is strange, though, that him actually saying it is not as annoying to some as me reminding people of its sheer, breathtaking awfulness. He should apologise on stage tonight. A full, sincere apology, so it can be put behind him once and for all. Everyone makes mistakes. Only fools or cowards compound those errors by putting their fingers in their ears and ignoring it.

      Morrissey has even made me feel (very, very slightly) sorry for James Blunt, who would not have been put in that invidious position if Morrissey wasn't hiding in his suitcase. What else didn't Blunt hear but feels we should forgive anyway? The Wannsee Conference? The order to exterminate the Armenians? The poor sod got ambushed with the question which should have been fielded by the fool who caused the KFC controversy in the first place.
    15. CrystalGeezer
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    16. Girlmostlikely

      If you watch the full conference, you'll see Blunt wasn't the one asked. he literally jumped in, almost interrupting, with his defense of Morrissey. There is no reason to feel sorry for him, he chose to speak on the topic. His defense was a bit weak because he said he didn't know what Morrissey said, which is probably not true. i think Blunt just didn't know the exact quote and didn't want to go there.
    17. Chip

      He knows. Every thread he's posted in someone has posted the real quote or the youtube video. He just enjoys lying.
    18. gonzax
      Exactly! He never said those killings were nothing, that's not at all the point of his words.
      good for James Blunt, it was very nice of him to defend him.
    19. Uncleskinny
      But what he DID say was that worse things than those events in Norway happen every day in KFC and McDonalds. By saying 'worse', being a comparitive adjective, he's comparing the events. How is he not? That's irrefutable.


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