Jake Walters: Ltd Edition Morrissey print available



Raymond Brr I'm Cold

People are missing the significance of the coffee cup and the candle used to hold the print down. Very telling.


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I reckon all the foreigner stalkers from Brittin and other assorted Euro trash have been studying this photo for the last 6 months trying to interpret the topography and spend all their life savings to come to Moz Angeles and try to find The California Son's house in Malibu. Reckon the coffee cup represents The California Son's love of orange mocha frappucinos inn nnn nn nn din't n n it.


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Wasn't that photo a photoshop? I'm becoming very forgetful. I plan on getting blitzed at a John Grant concert on Sat night, where I hope to lose even more brain cells.


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Fek reckon. Here we go. It is not a photoshop. Reckon the only way it would be a photoshop would be if it was a photo of The California Son playing kickball in Mankchaster with the dude who sings "our house in the middle of the street" ininn n nn nn nn din't n n n it curry chipper mate.


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He's doing fashion , also a hideous pic from a naked girl with fur waering on the upper side, yeah a few artist's, but he's doing shoots from Wire, clicking onthe link


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Reckon this was supposed to be the cover The California Son wanted for Years Of Refusal, but for whatever reason it turned out to be the photo of him holding the baby. I like this photo so much better. I reckon a cover of "The Lonely Bull" would of been top mental mate inn n nn nn nn nn nnnn din't n n n it.

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