Jaime King wears Moz shirt on People.com

An anonymous person posts the link:

Take A Moment (slide 2) - People

Jaime King
Me time with my first baby Peter the Shiba.

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Oh she's lovely isn't she ! And her doggy looks so cutey wootey, wonder what book she's reading ? ( I bet it's James Dean) Cool.


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Oooh! Where can I get one of those shirts? I like it! I am going to be asking the parents for some Morrissey-related gifts under the tree this year...

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I don't believe I've seen "The Morrissey you, the more I like you" phrase before...or did I miss it at some point?
My close friend, who is just now getting into Morrissey, said, "The Morrissey, the more I like!" the other day after I showed her a live performance of EDILS. But, anyway, I want that shirt... :)

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I've never heard of this person or any of the other people who apparently wear Morrissey shirts to get noticed so I said what i saw :)

yes, I was agreeing. I never heard of her myself. :)


She is a beautiful model /actress who used to go by the name James King (back in the 90s, I believe). I've always liked her, but I never knew she was a Morrissey fan. Cool.

neat i dont know any models by name really
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