Jacqueline Morrissey statement re: England Is Mine (via SER) - "OFFENSIVE misrepresentation"

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By Famous when dead on Sep 7, 2017 at 1:45 AM
  1. Famous when dead

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    Dec 7, 2000
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    Sam Esty Rayner Photography / Facebook:

    "Mark Gill's England is Mine is a lie.

    This is not our family or how we lived.

    It is an OFFENSIVE misrepresentation.

    He has made a shambles of a glorious opportunity."

    -Jacqueline Morrissey
    September 5, 2017.


    Closing the stable door...
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    1. AztecCamera
      Thanks sis. Finally. I reckon me hope Uncle Steve will come in from racing jet skis off Redondo Beach with Ozzy and Dave Evans and get on M so low and find out about this piece of shit film.
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    2. Melinda Wahyu Putri
      Melinda Wahyu Putri
      o_O:mad::mad:Damn man! I was going to post this damn thing! And you came!! AAAARRGGHHHH DAAAAMN!
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    3. Cornflakes
      Wonder if she was given the chance to contribute to the film.
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    4. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
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    5. unloveable
      Took a little while but expected ..
      the plot thickens o_O
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    6. Girlmostlikely
      Wow. Very interesting!! Have we EVER heard from Jacqueline?? It seems that M and family werent even contacted on this project. I suspect if they were the director would comment that he tried. Curious to know the whole story (like we ever will:rolleyes:) but am waiting for M to speak out ;)
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    7. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun


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    8. Similar2Sunday
      The filmmakers have stated that they reached out to Morrissey more than once in preparation for the film and received no answer. Is it too much to say that Morrissey is partly to blame for inaccuracies or wrong portrayals in the movie? Although knowing him, I think it would have been hard for the filmmakers to retain creative control along with having input from M. I can either imagine a list of demands about how everything in the film should be done, or (what happened in reality) no response or input from M. It is hard to think of him just giving some suggestions or clarifications.
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    9. URBANUS
      The film forgot the incest scenes and whacky Jacky ain't happy. Fooking giro slapper.
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    10. SuedeMoz
      Her character seemed pretty vapid in the film - she probably didn't like that.
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    11. Anonymous
      Of course it's a lie - it's a movie, not a documentary.
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    12. King Leer
      King Leer
      Who did the filmmakers reach out to for insight on Morrissey's life at home, then? Or after they failed to gain Morrissey's cooperation did they just "wing it"?

      It can be a logistical nightmare to put even smaller film productions on hold, but mayyybe they could've schedule things a little later and done some rewrites knowing that Autobiography's release was imminent.
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    13. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      When's Jacqueline's book coming out ? :)
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    14. Anonymous

      There is also Morrissey’s family who are an almost constant sense of stress. His sister (Vivienne Bell) and father (Peter McDonald) believes he should be working, earning a wage and being like everyone else. They both find his introverted attitude a massive annoyance and a hindrance to the family. Thankfully though his mother (Simone Kirby) is a constant avenue of strength that he taps into as the film comes to its final act.
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    15. Anonymous
      I think a lot of his early interviews were used aside from the people already listed as being consulted. This is kinda difficult as morrissey may have been a bit dramatic in some of those early interviews as young people tend to be. Like when maker came out and said that the morrissey shown to be a shy reclusive homebody who is depressed socially awkward and friendless wasn't the morrissey he knew you can find plenty of interviews where morrissey describes himself as exactly that. I'm guessing they used morrisseys own words and descriptions of his early years, gill said as much, but how accurate those descriptions are or whether they are the total reality of his youth is hard to say for sure and I find it hard to fault the film maker especially when the man himself doesn't respond to offers to consult

      How much does his sister appear in the film. I wasn't really expecting her to be on screen a whole bunch
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    16. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun

      I think it's good that she came out and said this and I hope we get more responses from people who where there. But it is a film not a documentary. A hodgepodge of real events (or second hand accounts) cut, distorted and dumbed-down to form a cohesive story that anyone (non fans) can follow and enjoy. It's not how it really was and it takes responses like Jacqueline's to remind people of this.

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    17. Anonymous
      I haven't scene the film, but who would want their childhood on screen??

      Anyway, I it doesn't change my opinion of him. Manchester seemed scary back then. My ex boyfriend is from their and he told me that the kids were quite tough.
    18. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Why? If they didn't (want to) ask her brother in the first place?
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    19. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      Morrissey said that he used to pretend to sleepwalk and go into her room and tear down her posters in the middle of the night! Typical brother/sister relationship. From what I've heard and read through the years, I believe they have always had a tight relationship. I can see how a misrepresentation would be very upsetting to her.
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