"Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage" (Instrumental) MP3


Would it be fair to suggest at this point that there are other instrumental versions of the whole album floating around?
How do you get this?Send me the instrumental from Wish you Lonely?
Thank you, thank you. I don't know why they don't sell instrumentals as a general policy these days, I really don't.
They should have released a double CD with the instrumentals as the 2nd CD rather than the awful cassette format......
I will be getting an instrumental of the whole album in due course. They are made to be used in TV shows etc
I thought you were one of the doubters FWD?
Doubter of what exactly?
Your history of 'doubt' between people here has absolutely nothing to do with you having access to a BMG website/password that allows you to access these tracks.
If I have ever offered an opinion on things presented in other forums - that is entirely my own view and that is the only aspect of 'doubt' that may exist. I have never engaged with you, don't know you nor have I directed anything personally to yourself. Please feel free to point me to examples of the doubt you refer to.
I have not used your name purposefully as I suspect it will be only a matter of time before BMG catch wind of it - especially when so openly attributed to yourself - like via the Facebook Morrissey group with named credits, but that's the risk assumed by distributing it n'est-ce pas?
That said:
For indirectly sharing - kudos.
Feel free to continue doing so.
With a nose like that, It doesn’t really surprise me. :rolleyes:
If ever feeling the need to do the Eskimo-kiss, or should that be the Innuite-kiss?, which I could feel when romantically involved, the idea of being grabbed by the nose is terrifying me. :eek:
If I ever get there...would you meet me?
Wrap your nose around my nose
Just to greet me?
low in high school info

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