"Jacky's..." official video out on Thursday 30th Nov.



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I do remember the Oye Esteban tour.
The band threw some flyers to the audience for a second concert, but without Morrissey. They had a Rockabilly band and they played for maybe some 100 persons or less (can't remember the name of the band they had, but it was simply all the musicians who played with Morrissey, but playing Rockabilly songs.

I had the chance to talk to Alain Whyte & Gary Day after that Rockabilly concert (Morrissey didn't go to that concert). I actually had the chance to talk a lot because most people was not interested in them since probably everyone had gone there just to see if they could get an autograph or a photo with Morrissey, but Morrissey was not there.

Anyway, they certainly had the spirit of "a band"... well, they actually played as a separate band without Morrissey. The weird thing is that when I talked to Gary and Alain, they HATED Morrissey and they were very open about it.

I remember them telling me that they were upset because their contract with Morrissey didn't allow them to smoke or drink alcohol when Morrissey was present... as to give Morrissey a "clean image". They could not be seen with a couple or casual couple either as to keep the "celibate" image... and most of the time I talked to them, they simply complained about Morrissey and clearly considered themselves his employees... and not exactly "happy employees". According to them, they even had to follow a dressing code and considered that Morrissey was some sort of control freak who had made them sign an abusive contract.

So it is true that they felt like "a band", they actually organized their own gig, but Morrissey was NOT part of that "band" if you know what I mean. They were VERY open how much they despised Morrissey... and I do not mean playing with Morrissey, but mostly Morrissey as a person.

I think you are SOMEHOW right, they had the spirit of a band, but that spirit did not include Morrissey himself. They didn't like him and considered themselves to be his session "band".
And yet even though Morrissey was such a control freak, he still allowed them to play other gigs on the side and didn't fire them for bitching about him to fans (which would surely have got back to him as if they did it with you, they must have done it with hundreds of others). Yeah, sounds watertight to me. :)

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It’s just gone 13.15 and still no video. Has he changed his mind?


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Even if this tale is true when Morrissey recruited them as his backing band 8 years previous to this (I believe in Autobiograhy he compares himself to Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady. lol)
well you know talk about getting ideas above your station. They obviously enjoyed the ride. Where would they have been today without Mozzer's intervention. Most probably fat and playing Elvis songs in various shit pubs round North London whilst trying to maintain a crap cocaine habit.
No, the cocaine is quite good nowadays according to articles on the internet.

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Shyness 1s nice

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Interesting that the video cuts the song short.

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Just when you thought things couldn't get worse...Grandad and his bitches gatecrash the local discotheque.

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