"Jacky's..." debuts at #1 in UK Vinyl Singles Chart; "Low In High School" #85 in 4th week

Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 15, 2017.

By davidt on Dec 15, 2017 at 7:30 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 15, 2017.

    1. alainsane
      44 on the Singles Sales Chart--soundly trounced by a nearly thirty year old song: "Fairytale Of New York"
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    2. g23
      Don't forget WHAM! in there at #3, and the undisputed genius of Ed Sheeran at #1.
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    3. Anonymous
      That's rich coming from you Matt's brother took a swing at JESSE not moz you know nothing.
      It's funny as fuck how you lot talk as if you know facts when you know gossip or morrissys slight of hand.

      As for moz meaning the world to young people, he does but so does bowie, Paul Weller, liam G, Brett Anderson and so on. It depends who you speak to. Lots of people think moz is a complete bell end.
    4. Anonymous
      He was invited, he turned it down. He also said some bitchy stuff about Bob G, which pissed him off
    5. celibate
      about how much Morrissey sold, Ill ask how much sold Mike and Andy for their DVD/VHS who were nmbr 1 in DVD chart? It's not about amounts your nbr 1 in that week and sold more as all vinyl/DVD's thhat week

      stop watching the news :)
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    6. Surface
      He made the comments in 85, Band Aid single was 84.
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    7. BrummieBoy
      Hello everyone.

      Sharon here. We were probably flying over the Alps when these comments were posted. We're back in HQ in The Shires of Engerland now and we'll be back on to hacking apart the corpse of Morrissey's career in due course....but it's Sunday...we like to chill....please be patient...

      The Secretary.

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    8. Truth
      That stings coming from you! :tears:
      I know how far you will go out of your way to avoid the appearance of conflict and find something nice to say. I have spent my whole life in ... well, you know the song. :thumb:
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    9. Kitchen Sink Bather
      Kitchen Sink Bather
      Hurray hurray BrummieTubby Po is up and ruining ;-) again. He brings Moz and us sleepless nights...
    10. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Yeah, I know. Can’t help it.
      Nature of the beast.
      Again, I read many of your posts under several names and some maybe anonymous ones (how would I know they were yours?) and they contained a lot of interesting suggestions and hypothesis but you were being called out by Uncleskinny and he challenged you 7 or 8 times and you didn’t delver ANY substance about all your supposed knowledge and “so-called” truths about Moz.

      I never quite understand if you really like or appreciate his music or if you hate him as you also said many speculative and negative things about him. I know it is possible to love or loathe him in equal intensity.

      Don’t know for sure but that gives a “trollish” impression as if it is all about you and not the subject of this site.

      But still, as you said, I avoid conflicts as I am tended to be diplomatic and know there actually IS something nice to say about almost everybody.

      Counting out of course the massmurderers, the killers etcetera.
      And I am not going out of my way to avoid conflict at any costs cause otherwise I wouldn’t post that reply which you reacted to.

      Question: Yea or No, do you like and appreciate Moz or do you detest him in equal amounts of emotion?
      Just curious.
    11. Vegan
      On Monday's UK Midweek Albums Cart "LIHS" is holding on at #91
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    12. Anonymous
      Well said. I like old Lou's music too, though Lulu is hard work, Morrissey has never made one album that is unlistenable like Metal Machine Music. His detractors attack his outpourings without even listening probably, and so what if you don't like his politics, why should he have the same as every other pop music puppet?
    13. gordyboy9
      trolls are extractor fans,they say things like.
      1.i cant believe you've never heard of
      2.unless you like them as much as me your not a real fan.
      3.i don't like them now everyone else does.
      these people see normal people as a threat and they will argue till the end of time.
      dave Gorman was right.
    14. Truth
      The Fine Print first...
      I was minding my business, had people I didn't like on ignore, but got tired of constantly being followed. I posted a picture of my cat and someone decided to remark on it. When I replied she reported it and I was given a timeout. During that timeout, for "other reasons" still unknown, I was banned.
      That means I don't see replies to my posts. I have been posting as Truth and once as Dr Phil. (If you think I am other people you're probably mistaken.)

      So it's hard to keep up if I don't check right away. But I don't think this "you were being called out by Uncleskinny and he challenged you 7 or 8 times and you didn’t delver ANY substance about all your supposed knowledge and “so-called” truths about Moz" happened. If you want to post the links you think were me and challenges I ignored in "Off Topic" I'll look and reply later.

      About being "nice," that can be a good thing but there can also be a bit of fascism to it. It's fine for you to be nice, but it feels like you want everyone to be "nice."

      For your question, I used to separate the music from the person. Over the past few years, because I'm a slow learner, I figured out that the person is a silly troll who will say anything to cause outrage and get attention. But this time, with the victim-blaming he went too far. Looking back the comments on the Norwegian massacre should have been enough. And why is it "nothing" when those students were killed but the Manchester bombing is something that deeply affects him, and only him? Could it be because Breivik was a right-wing extremist but the Manchester killer was Islamic?
      I would not pay to see him again and I haven't listened to the new record. I am not going to say I detest him because that's too dramatic, and I'm not trying to "expose him." He's doing a fine job of destroying his own career and I don't think he needs my help. But I am sure he's a horrible person to be around, which seems to be backed up from most accounts. I'm pretty sure I will never pay to see him or buy any of his music again.

      the short version: His statements and recent actions have spoiled my enjoyment of his music whereas I used to keep them separate.
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    15. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Okay, thanks for replying.
      I am just some totally random Moz-fan and I don’t know him personally and I don’t need to nor have that urge to do so.

      I guess I still am able to make a distinction between the artist and the person which is quite easy cause I don’t know him personally.

      I know I said if there ever was a case of the artist and the person not separable it is Moz. He said so himself too.
      They’re both the same thing.

      But that is from his personal viewpoint and I know, can only know. the artist by his music and live concerts.

      That is more than enough for me, because the music is primary and all the rest secondary, interesting but secondary.

      I really do love Worldpeace and Low In Highschool and think they are both very underestimated.

      He is at his artistic prime on Low in Highschool. Daring, challenging and again musically and contentwise different and searching for new directions.

      Don’t understand why you think there is a link between being nice, or even attempting to be nice and fascism.

      I didn’t say I was always nice. I said I tend to be diplomatic initially as a form of respect for any other human being, person or individual as I don’t think I am better or morally superior.

      The notion you can only enjoy artists when you know they are personally and morally completely in line with your own views is strange to be.

      Sinatra wasn’t that nice as a person as far as I know. But I still enjoy his music.

      A great painter like Carravagio was a villain, a crook and a murderer.

      Goya was a very unpleasant man to other people and caused them pain and suffering. He truly was a misanthrope. His paintings are still unbelievable magic and beautiful.
    16. Anonymous
      Hey, please take care. One person loved Metal Machine Music !

      But you are right about LISTENING. I find that this is the best thing to do...... people should try it. Journalists could try it. But they won't, because they just don't get it. They are living on a diet of drum and bass, or drum and no bass. Or bass and no drum. Tone Deaf too (usually.)

    17. Truth
      Not what I said. You asked me if I enjoy his music and I told you why I don't. "Completely in line" is "strange" because you made it up.
      Caravaggio is a historic figure. He may have been a murderer. He was in a fight and someone died. Who really knows what happened at this point? He isn't a convicted murderer, and even if he was it wouldn't affect his paintings hundreds of years later. If this site is still here in 400 years people probably won't be talking about Der Spiegel.
      I explained a couple of times in detail why Morrissey's victim-blaming was the final straw, but really the comments about Norway, the "subspecies" comment, and other comments would be enough. He's a fucking idiot and he has people that listen to what he says. What really makes me angry is that someone who is already victimized will see his comments and not tell what happened to them, feel it was their fault, or be ashamed, and with his comments this month, not in the 15th Century, he hurts people who have already been hurt.
      He also gives a voice to those who would dismiss victims.

      Because in attempting to make him "nice" his statements have to be denied or "interpreted" and everyone has to agree that he really didn't mean the latest stupid thing he appears to have said, on what seems like a weekly basis.
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    18. Vegan
      LIHS is at #93 this week in it's 5th week. Impressive considering the flood of Christmas entries. A new single in January could revive the commercial prospects. "Home Is A Question Mark" would be my pick.
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    19. Ugly Devil
      Ugly Devil
      Still in the top 100? Oh @BrummieBoy s'up baby? received_10157093007370131.jpeg
    20. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Christmas #1 vinyl single:
      Who'd have thought!? :)


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