"Jacky's..." debuts at #1 in UK Vinyl Singles Chart; "Low In High School" #85 in 4th week

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By davidt on Dec 15, 2017 at 7:30 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Dec 15, 2017.

    1. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      You won’t be sitting around the Christmas table asking your family and friends to sit still while you paint them. You will take a photograph or perhaps even a video. That is currently the dominant technology for recording such events. You might even stream it to the other side of the world live and for free.

      Had photography been invented a couple of centuries earlier we would be looking at the Great Fire of London or the French Revolution in a very different way. Similarly, the mobile phone replaced the landline, which replaced the telegraph, which replaced the pigeon. All those things are rather wonderful in their own way, but one is a lot more convenient.

      Which brings us back to vinyl, the old technology.
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    2. DavidK
      Yacht rock? I'd reckon Fraggle rock is too!

      Anyways, who cares what sells or what doesnt. Only important thing is if you like it and he sells enough to warrant him putting the effort into doing another.

      And records aren't just for nostalgia collectors. I have thousands of them, and I play them on my stereo which is worth more than most people's homes. Audiophiles do exist - vinyl is the superior format.
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    3. Anonymous
      Absolutely. In fact, there was talk at the time of Vauxhall & I that Morrissey had sabotaged his career momentum by not touring for it. He then went on to tour, and release two his worst albums before he was let go by the record company.

      He abandoned the Bowie tour because he didn't like Bowie's on stage duet suggestion.

      Even in The Smiths, he would refuse to make appearances, while complaining about record company marketing support. It's one of the main reasons Marr left. He couldn't take the unpredictability, and lack of communication. He worked his ass off, only to have Morrissey blow it up, and leave him to deal with the fall-out. He treated Marr like he was Boz: Dress in costumes, and do as I wish.

      I think it's good that Marr left because it stopped The Smiths from becoming what would most likely be musical dinosaurs of their time. We would then be talking about some good songs they made before they become boring, and silly.

      The more I learn about that time, the more I realize that Marr was %70 of The Smiths.

      I can't forget the story of Marr and the record company coming around to his house, and banging on the door to try, and get him to make an appearance, and Johnny finally snapping: "You're not the only member of this band!"

      I don't know how Marr ever resisted not punching him in the mouth. Morrissey is disarming in that he can make himself seem vulnerable, and like a bit of a weed, but then he goes behind your back, and turns the screws. Passive-agressive.

      There are rumors that Matt Walker's brother, and Morrissey's former bassist took a swing at him, and that's why he's no longer with him. I wouldn't doubt it.
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    4. flowerguy85
      Ehh, I dunno about that. I’m 18, been a devotee since I was 15, and me and most of my friends adore Morrissey. His music is extremely popular with us. Granted, I tend to seek out and flock towards other Morrissey people, but by and large his music is greatly admired. The only reason any of my friends dislike him is because of dumb shit he's said. But by and large we connect more with him than we do most modern artists. Or “yacht rock”, which I honestly have no earthly idea what that actually is.
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    5. Morrissey-so-old.com

      Not shocking to hear about that I read and heard tons of stories how he would just bail or not even show up.That there were plans for to make certain music videos to film and he wouldn’t even show up. Managers and band members having a hard time getting in contact with him also I read another story I think it was Tim Booth his video director how he owed him money but never paid him because he died and rather give the money to his family Morrissey pocketed the money I also have another story about Morrissey it was not to long after the 96 trial he was in Manchester at a local market and he runs into Mike Joyce , and they see each other and Mike says hello how are you Morrissey and he replied Hello I’m well how about yourself Mike said I’m good. Mike then tells Morrissey we’ll its good seeing you again and Morrissey replies same as well. Kind of funny for a man who proclaims he hates Mike Joyce would bother saying hello and responding back to him.
    6. marred
      I just enjoy things no matter how arcane they might be and vinyl is one of the many.
    7. Anonymous
      The video director you mean was Tim BROAD. Tim Booth is the singer of James. And this "money story" you are talking about sounds pretty much like the one Moz himself told in his Autobiography but in relation to his manager at the time Nigel Thomas who died in the same year as Tim Broad. Get your facts right.
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    8. celibate
      congrats Morrissey, after a stormy German interveuw week, His single 'Jacky....'' charts nmbr 1 in the UK vinyl charts, and not special for Morrissey, but agree with Surface, vinyl is really having a comeback.
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    9. Morrissey-so-old.com
      There are so many stories I can’t remember all the names and details broad, booth close enough.
    10. Uncleskinny
      So can anyone say how many copies it sold? Anyone?
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    11. Eldritch
      I wonder how many copies were pressed? 2000? 3000? And how many copies actually get played even once? In this day and age who would go to the trouble of playing a vinyl single to hear under four minutes of music? Vinyl single is a pure collector's format, sold to fans only.
    12. Surface
      No idea but doubt whether if was more than a couple of hundred. My notes on vinyl are not related to Morrissey as I really don’t care what his chart positions are but to add to the who buys vinyl question, Liam’s recent album sold 103k in the first week and 16k were vinyl, so in his case it’s about 16% of his sales.

      Agree with the comments around old technology but there is a market for it.
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    13. marred
      What planet are you living on where all these things have been replaced? I'm pretty sure guitars are still being played. I saw one on youtube today. It is possible to embrace the digital age while still enjoying the things that brought us into it. Vinyl was here before hipsters arrived and it's not looking like it's disappearing anytime soon.

      It's not what you do it with. It's what you do with it.
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    14. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      STDIB went in at #69 (main charts) with sales of 5,069 in the first week - a percentage of which was clear vinyl.
      Unfortunately, these types of figures are getting harder to find.
      I would hazard an educated guess around the 1-2k (optimistic figures) total vinyl sales based on the amount of indie shops/HMVs and the type of quantities they displayed. The Smith's recent RSD 7" success was 5k vinyl sold to get to #2 in the vinyl chart (with only the Bowie pre-sold black 7" messing things up).
      Looking at the competition, I think charting at number 1 as several move down was to be expected.
      It would be nice for those of us that like statistics to have the charts show total sales like they used to.
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    15. Thewlis
      Great success! Had the charts still be compiled like 10 years ago, it would have been another surefire top 40-hit.

      U2 down from 5-20 in its second week, which shows LiHS did relatively well.
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    16. Anonymous
      You don't buy Morrissey records, you don't attend his concerts, you are no longer a fan, so why on earth have you any interest in how many copies have been sold?
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    17. bhops
      There is so much factually incorrect about this I have to ask the obvious question......David Bret is that you?
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    18. Uncleskinny
      Fuck off Wratten, you lying piece of shit.
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    19. 12" on the slack
      12" on the slack
      Vinyl is the superior format; it’s the only format that is fully analog and fully lossless.

      However, analog doesn’t happen with most new vinyls (I’d assume that goes for LIHS, too) as they are produced from a digital master. Which renders it a bit pointless.
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    20. Anonymous
      Oh, Skinny, has Boz left the band yet?
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