"Jacky's..." (clear) vinyl now arriving at record stores ready for Friday, 8th December

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By Famous when dead on Dec 4, 2017 at 11:56 AM
  1. Famous when dead

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    1. NealCassidy
      Will there only be the clear version available?
    2. Anonymous
      Rumour has it there’s another version due out soon!

      Orange, square vinyl - the colour of an American cheese slice - with a lovely suede label.

      *Limited hypocrisy edition.
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    3. Anonymous
      Did you laugh when you typed that out?
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    4. Anonymous
      I ate a sheep’s tongue sandwich, drank a glass of chocolate milk, smoked a camel and then curled up under my favourite down duvet - in my woolly pijamas. I thought of the Mozball-washing slags, apologists and hypocrites around here - then wept for the future of humanity.
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    5. Ryan
      Looking forward to someone uploading a rip of You'll Be Gone live, hint, hint!
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    6. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead

      The selling things early trend continues...
      I think they are being sold today and collectors should try their luck with local indie shops perhaps?
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    7. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Oh well, that’s okay then.
      I feel already relieved I don’t have to do it, now you did.
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    8. joe frady
      joe frady
      í got slipped a couple of 'Jacky's' early...

      No matrix message, again.
      The cropped Miron Zownir shot is wrapped around on to the rear sleeve, so one has to work out what the placard says {if unaware of the original shot}. í thought that was quite witty meself.
      Or perhaps blatant 'shit' is not allowed on front sleeves, but blatant tits are?
      The matching coloured card insides are a cute detail, on this & 'Spent'; But í am sad that way.
      Nice touch on the labels: 'Síde A ~ Recorded in Italy / Síde B ~ Recorded in Hammersmith'.
      However, í am starting to get a tad nostalgic for boring old black vinyl...

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    9. nobody's_nothing
      I hope You'll Be Gone will be the version from the New Year's Show where he said, "He's drunk? On New Year's Eve?!? That's terrible!" Always makes me laugh.
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    10. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      :thumb: ' that's terrible !.... I'm gonna, I'm gonna call jesus ! ' :lbf:

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    11. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      DavidK:love: I'm sorry, are you religious ?
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    12. Anonymous
      I never even heard that song before either from Elvis or Moz. What a sad song. Why does the lover have to "be gone" anyway? Somewhere better to be. LOL.

      And what's the story behind the lady wearing a plastic bag as a shirt? I just looked at the gallery at www.mironzownir.com <----FREAKY

    13. Tera
      It's actually extremely frowned upon selling records early. If a shop gets caught doing it then the distributor will only send it to you on the day of release and can even close your account (although that would only be under very extreme circumstances).
      "Back in the days", especially with promos, record shops would ring the distributor and grass up the competition if they heard another local shop were selling tunes before the official release date.
      I remember sales reps from some of the bigger distibutors ringing shops and, whilst posing as a customer, asking if they could buy certain records to see if the shop owner would incriminate him or herself. I don't know what it's like now, I'm sure no one gives a shit, but it genuinely used to be a serious business.
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    14. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I collected through those times and they were indeed less relaxed - I echo your observation regarding promos.
      Personally, I think it's a tiny bit of rebellion against the 'global release day' that came in a couple of years ago. I don't recall it being a popular choice with my local indie record shop and the fact we see small shops posting albums, singles et al earlier and earlier could be indicative of this.
      Even the more 'policed' RSD releases have appeared in stores a day or 2 early recently and they are hot on that type of stuff.
      I got my copy today with zero issue or even any remarks about the release date being Friday...
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    15. marred
      I ordered a copy two weeks ago as I figured it could be the last of the few chances to own a physical single from a Morrissey album. It wasn't clear whether it would be clear or not. Some are white apparently and I was given no choice when ordering. I do like the sleeve a lot. I wonder what the third single will be or if there be a third single at all.
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    16. swift eclipse
      swift eclipse
      So the vinyl is clear just like the bag on the cover star is clear. Clearly clever.
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    17. Tera
      Nice. Were both of your copies clear vinyl? From the info I have gathered, shops / people have only received clear vinyl. Maybe the white vinyl will be limited to 500 copies exclusively for the Mporium's to share. Although 500 seems an extremely small press.
    18. marred
      That would be clever if the STDIB vinyl wasn't also clear. It's still clever of you to think of it though. It went over my head.
    19. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Could be “When You Open Your Legs”.
      But songtitle renamed to:”When You Open Your Mouth”.

      And a slight edit to the singing voice itself changing “Legs” into “Mouth”.

      B-side a yet unknown song from the ones that didn’t make it on the album.

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