Jacky's 7" Clear (or white?) Vinyl / t-shirt bundle ltd pre-order (Dec. 22, 2017) - Mporium (US)

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By Famous when dead on Nov 8, 2017 at 8:11 PM
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    Jacky Is Only Happy Bundle Tee & 7” Vinyl [Limited Edition PRE-ORDER] - Mporium US

    This is available on US Mporium only so far and limited to 500 bundles.
    Norman's Records state the record they were selling is ltd edition - that info may have been derived from this offer as the single will be available like the previous release. Unless the colour of the vinyl is ltd which is doubtful. Confusing surrounding a Moz record - there's a novelty!

    Mporium have a different release date too:

    "Please note this is a LIMITED EDITION PRE-ORDER item, release date is 12/22/17. Your choice of Royal, Navy or Burgundy unisex tee. Only 500 7" vinyl available.

    Please note, due to the single release date, we cannot guarantee orders will be shipped or arrive by Christmas."

    Clear or white vinyl - you decide.


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    1. Anonymous
      I think people vastly overestimate the amount of money artists make, and underestimate the costs of touring.

      I think it would be wrong to assume that his net worth didn't take a serious hit during the great recession. His rumored net worth, which was likely inflated anyway, was supposedly from real estate investments. He also has to pay taxes in at least three countries. He only has so many prime earning years left in him, and the music business is a fickle one.

      Also, because he refused to validate the Joyce verdict, he hasn't been receiving royalties from The Smiths back catalog.

      Personally, I think Morrissey is probably in need of the money. I'll assume he's not on the verge of destitution, but in terms of retirement, he likely needs all that he can get.

      I don't believe he tours for the love of performing. I don't even get the sense he enjoys making music anymore.

      During the "Is Morrissey dying?" tour years back he stated on stage while appearing sick and annoyed, "I can't believe I do this for living." I think that sums it up.
    2. bandrus1

      If he NEEDED the money that badly he could reform the smiths. By all accounts he is the hold out. That is what I was referring too.
    3. Tera
      So why aren't they up on the UK site yet?
      Actually, unless I'm mistaken they have been removed from the US site too now..!?

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