Jacky's 7" Clear (or white?) Vinyl / t-shirt bundle ltd pre-order (Dec. 22, 2017) - Mporium (US)

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By Famous when dead on Nov 8, 2017 at 8:11 PM
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    Jacky Is Only Happy Bundle Tee & 7” Vinyl [Limited Edition PRE-ORDER] - Mporium US

    This is available on US Mporium only so far and limited to 500 bundles.
    Norman's Records state the record they were selling is ltd edition - that info may have been derived from this offer as the single will be available like the previous release. Unless the colour of the vinyl is ltd which is doubtful. Confusing surrounding a Moz record - there's a novelty!

    Mporium have a different release date too:

    "Please note this is a LIMITED EDITION PRE-ORDER item, release date is 12/22/17. Your choice of Royal, Navy or Burgundy unisex tee. Only 500 7" vinyl available.

    Please note, due to the single release date, we cannot guarantee orders will be shipped or arrive by Christmas."

    Clear or white vinyl - you decide.


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    1. nobody's_nothing
      I bought mine. Jacky has to be my favorite song off the forthcoming album, and I hope the vinyl is clear--supposedly clear vinyl has better sound properties than black vinyl, but I'm just happy it is not colored or a picture disc. Also, hopefully I can still fit into a size small t-shirt come after Thanksgiving.
    2. marred
      How did singles become so pricey? Remember the days of Quarry when you could get the CD, 7" bundle for 5 pounds? Oh and they came with 3 B sides so basically you got almost half an album for a pittance.
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    3. billybu69
      It's the same way tickets got to be £70.
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    4. marred
      I get what you're saying but tickets in my experience have been all over the place price wise for years at least over here anyway whereas products such as CDs and records are more stable in price. I preordered a single because of World Peace's lack of physical items to get. Also I don't really like the sleeve for Low in High so I want a sleeve that I at least like the look of. I love the Kubrick sleeve too but I missed out.
    5. billybu69
      I think £6.99 for a single is pretty standard, but who knows anymore I only seem to buy Morrissey and those Bowie 40th anniversary pic discs.I don't think it's increased much since 2004, especially if you consider the £5 bundle was a special price cobbled together by record stores not the individual price which would have been higher. A 1999 ticket to see Morrissey general admitance was £17 a four fold increase.
    6. marred
      17 pounds for a concert ticket? I'd say you guys have had it pretty good then. I have never paid much below $100 for a concert ticket. I think Jane's Addiction was $75 in 2011 at the lowest price I've paid. As far as the bundles go it's not the price alone, it's the one song you get part that irks me.
    7. Anonymous
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    8. billybu69
      Ha, we are talking of many moons ago, these are the earliest tickets I could find, but then I remember giving £3.50 to see The Clash, although I can't find the tickets to prove it, Siouxsie would have been the same, and the Ramones at Manchester Apollo similar, you just got to be old enough, to go far enough back LOL.

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    9. Daddys Voice
      Daddys Voice
      I don't really care much about advertising Jacky or the location she's happy in.
      I'll pass on the shirt.
      The song is fine though.
      I'd like to hear the b-side.

      Oh wait, i found it. Has anyone heard of this YouTube site?
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    10. marred
      God that price seems insane!
    11. NealCassidy
      Ok thanks, so maybe they’re the same, maybe not
    12. dallow_bg
    13. Anonymous
      If people are comparing ticket prices, standing for the 'Who Put the M In Manchester' MEN arena gig in 2004 was £28.90 (inc fees) https://ticketcollector.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/morrissey-22-5-2004001.jpg Same venue last year was £71.50.

      Regarding the single - there's still no clear indication that this is a special edition different to the UK version. The wording could just mean they've pressed a couple of thousand of these, of which the US Mporium has managed to get hold of a limited 500 copies for the US. If I was outside the US, I wouldn't;t spend loads importing one of these in the hope it's any different - not without more info first.
    14. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Chip Salters don’t come cheap either and that’s before the company car, health plan and other benefits. In fact, and I’ll let you into my confidence here, I’ve just checked my local job centre website and there hasn’t been so much as a vacancy all year. It’s like the Masons and the Mafia. The bastards have it all sewn up. And people moan about Eton.

      I really like the new Morrissey font, by the way. Simple and clean. A big improvement on that Germanic thing they used on the album reissues.
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    15. marred
      Jacky is really growing on me. It's kind of got this relentless Maladjusted (title track) type drive to it and that Beatlesque horn part near the end is a nice touch. I think it's a great choice for a single.
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    16. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      It’s OK, but probably would have been a b-side once upon a time.
    17. marred
      And some of Morrissey's B sides I'd have preferred to be singles.
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    18. NealCassidy
      Have venues put up hire fees or are management making more on top?
    19. blister92
      I'm in the USA (Salt Lake City)
    20. billybu69
      Well, it could be either of those..or the obvious one not mentioned.

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