Jacky's 7" Clear (or white?) Vinyl / t-shirt bundle ltd pre-order (Dec. 22, 2017) - Mporium (US)

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By Famous when dead on Nov 8, 2017 at 8:11 PM
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    Dec 7, 2000
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    Jacky Is Only Happy Bundle Tee & 7” Vinyl [Limited Edition PRE-ORDER] - Mporium US

    This is available on US Mporium only so far and limited to 500 bundles.
    Norman's Records state the record they were selling is ltd edition - that info may have been derived from this offer as the single will be available like the previous release. Unless the colour of the vinyl is ltd which is doubtful. Confusing surrounding a Moz record - there's a novelty!

    Mporium have a different release date too:

    "Please note this is a LIMITED EDITION PRE-ORDER item, release date is 12/22/17. Your choice of Royal, Navy or Burgundy unisex tee. Only 500 7" vinyl available.

    Please note, due to the single release date, we cannot guarantee orders will be shipped or arrive by Christmas."

    Clear or white vinyl - you decide.


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    1. billybu69
      Is that 500 world wide?
    2. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      No idea - as usual, the marketing is utter garbage.
      I took it to mean 500 t-shirt/record packs from US Mporium which I'm guessing does ship elsewhere.
      I'd guess the UK one will follow suit!?
      Whatever they're up to, supplying indie record shops in the UK/US in December will certainly need more than 500 - so what differentiates this offer from those copies is still unknown - if there's anything at all.
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    3. terryjak
      I'd like to buy the tee, but guess I wait for an UK shop offer before paying >50 incl. shipping from US...
    4. billybu69
      I noticed Norman records pre order had sold out yesterday. The Mporium vinyl only page states ltd to 500 , just ordered from Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records say they got Pre-order stock left as well.
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    5. celibate
      I thought I was the only one thought the prize and sale was a bit high, must pay in US$, and wait maybe 3 weeks at least if it arrives in Europe.

      Mporium marketing advise, US office for American , UK office cause of the Brittish pound, and Europe office for the euro, all with their own stock and delivery, think BMG has got the ability to arrange it in their offices over the world

      Low in High School is not cheap if you want to buy the singles,vinyl and see a gig, and ofcourse a T shirt.

      Hope I've been nice, and Santa will help me a bit
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    6. blister92
      It was just over $50 for the shirt/7"/Shipping... could not bring myself to do it, would never wear the shirt..

      I found you can buy just the 7", just over $15 including shipping, so I went for it!
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    7. NealCassidy
      Why not buy from uk record shop?
    8. Hotplatters
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    9. Hotplatters
      The T-shirt is a very lazy design... I wouldn't bother.
    10. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      If UK Mporium pulled its finger out and offered a unique bundle, I suspect people wouldn't consider other countries.
      I've not seen the shirt available in the UK and coupled with 'limited edition' being used by US Mporium - collectors get twitchy that they might miss out - I'm assuming there are t-shirt collectors of course.
      It could appear like great marketing, but it is probably a shambles as nowhere has a clear (no pun intended) description of the colour of the record or if the Mporium one is different in any way other than a t-shirt thrown in.
      I don't collect shirts and will always support local indie record shops, but some clearer info would never go a miss.
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    11. Anonymous
      I think the exclusive is that it's the only place to get the 7" in the States unless anyone has seen it listed elsewhere?

      That's probably why it's not on the UK Mporium?
    12. bedlam breakout
      bedlam breakout
      its a plain t shirt with a bit of print on - like the music, lacking and lazy
    13. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      Mporium just managed an email to confirm signed test presses, but nothing about the 7".
      20171109_175757.png 20171109_175729.png
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    14. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      yes, but it doesn't say who's signing them ! :lbf: maybe Sam ? ;)
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      As a record nerd I'm very intrigued at 500 ltd copies, I assume the UK ltd ed isn't the same colour as this US version. There wouldn't be enough stock for all the indies to hold copy, and still 24 hours later??

      Do we bite the bullet and go for the US ltd, or do we think UK Mporium will come through?
    16. Anonymous
      Serious question, how much money does Morrissey need - is he in debt to the mafia, or something? He must be raking it in with both ticket prices and the amount of record format/assorted tat he's been selling recently.

      I know, I know - if you don't like it, don't buy it - it just seems like he's on a mission to make moolah at the moment.
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    17. ninetimesfined
      I just bought the LiHS t shirt cd and badge bundle from the official store. £5+ shipping is pretty atrocious in this day and age considering none of the items add up to a lot of weight even together.
    18. bandrus1

      this argument will never work..... He has the ability to basically print money at will if he chose too
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    19. gordyboy9
      you are forgetting about the amount of people on his payroll,hiring of equipment,transport,hotels,food I could go on.

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