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no fitba no boozers,its like being down in hell,hell sounds great compared to this shit.this will be the only time In your life where you phone your boss and say CAN I COME BACK TO WORK.
Not me , not I, I’m hoping to f*** I’m off for 12 weeks, honestly just to save my own life, I mean really boy wonder , if I die, it just wouldn’t be same on here without me !!!!! Would it???


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I have a funny feeling he’s still in the UK. Just in case he needs expert medical assistance from our fantastic NHS. The NHS that he’s avoided contributing to whilst living on the planet.
Home is no longer a question mark when a pandemic breaks out.
Funny that innit.

?? :knife:
Skinny have you no shame for being on the dole for damn near 30 years. The entire family and all your shady followers all in the dole. Disgraceful.


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Sack the band Steve.

Jim falls
Best track/ catchy chorus. Annoying drums and weak lyrics about a Canoe.

Love is
Coldplay Paradise. Ok ish outro.

What a mess. All over the place.

OMG :eek: Canada goose,truth,fleece,niece. Yet more terrible drums.

What kind
More lazy lyrics with Hank Marvin/Shadows guitar and once again terrible drums.

John Shuttleworth on guest keyboards. Catchy chorus.

Darling Pillow
A poor attempt in the style of Manchester band James.

Once I Saw
Obviously a nod to Jeane-Michel-Jarre.

Sleuth rhymes with youth rhymes with truth rhymes with erm.......Goof

Secret of
Painfully boring.

Are we there yet????????

Overall very disappointing, after reading the reviews on here in the build up.
Lazy lyrics, horrible drums/keyboard/guitar etc 1/5


Skinny maybe not mentioning James would be the way to go so the readers dont realize right away its you Skinny.


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See, the thing is - if it gets to the top of the actual, official charts, we'll damn well hear about it. But chances are it won't, so in the meantime, we get these 'picked at the exact moment' shots of streaming and online charts from around the world. It's just like the ones we had previously about being number one in the alternative vinyl charts and so on. So, as I said above, I can see why the footsoldiers and the man himself pick the victories, however obscure and transient.

Skinny I think this gibberish is proof that your weak mind is finally gone for good.
i am not a dog on a chain info

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