It's so hot I'm melting

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    Dec 19, 2017
    It's just milk kefir, made with kefir grains but fermented with coconut milk instead of dairy. But the one I use is super-thick, and sets in the fridge to a consistency not unlike ice cream - ridiculously thick - maybe this is similar to what you know as coconut cream, as I can't imagine anything thicker and creamier!

    1. Put the grains in a medium sized jar and punch a few holes in the lid.
    2. Add your coconut milk (I use approx 300ml), give a little stir and leave to ferment on the kitchen bench for around 24 hours. In very hot weather, the fermenting process may be quicker - you can slow it down if need be by putting it in the fridge.
    3. Sieve into a bowl to remove the grains. The fermented kefir is now ready (but you may prefer to chill it before consuming). You can add nuts, seeds, fruit, whatever you like, or just have it 'straight'.
    4. Rinse the jar, put the grains back in it, add fresh coconut milk and start again.

    I will post with pics on cooking thread when I get some time tomorrow!
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    It still hot people, the dark nights are drawing in and I'm scared:paranoid:
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    Well done, Ugly Devil for troll-rating my posts in this thread. Keep up the good work! Only 2 345 posts to go!
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    what a lame-o!
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    Apparent temperature 5 pm 40 degrees celsius. It would be great if surfing the internet cooled the room. Been like that for days and days, I give up the fight. The heat is...



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