"It's Over" (Roy Orbison cover) posted on Spotify; "California Son" sleeve revealed

Region restricted currently, the "California Son" sleeve is revealed in the song link.

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Oh my

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Loved the song!!!

I am not really in love with the album cover design... But maybe he is taking a funny direction for some things. All the videos of Low in High School had a humorous intention that was quite interesting.


Moz's voice sounds great.

The original is a classic so hard to go wrong.

The production sounds mediocre.

The cover art is awful.

Come on, Moz - wtf?


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people moaning over the sleeve, it's in his periods that sleeves won't make extra buyers for Morrissey, just for his fanbase and 'heard-its=good=buyers'

Just listen and stop moaing about sleeve, what a voice, wonderfull covered





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It's probably because not many artists started at such a high point of excellent album/single artwork and then gradually degenerated to the piece of shit cover for California Son.
In fairness I love most Moz covers, apart from Southpaw, Maladjusted, Swords, not too gone on World Peace, LIHS was just crap, and California Son (If that is the cover) is a joke. It's like he couldn't be arsed to even think about a cover and delegated it to a minion who knows f*** all about anything.
he doesn't have any input where cover art is concerned these days,low in high school was done by a graphics company who then sent it to M for his approval.maybe he likes doing it this way these days.


its not me its you.
What a way to start a February Tuesday morning,voice is superb,the only trouble with old songs is they were always very short.


its not me its you.
does Morrissey have a crystal ball,woke this morning,listened to its over,then turned on sky sprts to find my teams manager Brendan is off to Leicester,f***ing Leicester,it really is over .whod be a fitba fan.


its not me its you.
seriously depressed now.i will listen to I KNOW ITS OVER followed by ITS OVER then the top 40 of wrist slashing songs ever.


I see echoes of Pierre et Gilles in the cover. Great, imaginative collection of songs too - far more interesting than the standard "cover version" fare.


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Why isn’t Mando on the bass?

Lovely Lovely Lovely....

Engineer: Bill Mims
Electric Guitar: Boz Boorer
Masterer: Chris Allgood
Engineer: Emily Lazar
Acoustic Guitar: Jesse Tobias
Electric Guitar: Jesse Tobias
Engineer: Joe Chiccarelli
Backing Vocals: LP
Drums, Percussion: Matt Walker
Keyboards: Roger Manning Jr.
Engineer: Ryan Freeland
Bass Guitar: Sean Hurley
Vocals: Steven Morrissey
Composer: Bill Dees
Composer: Roy Orbison



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off topic,talk talk singer mark hollis dies,another one gone.

Yes, read about this last night. Very sa. A genuine talent and somebody who lived and worked entirely on their own terms.

We're at the stage now of losing irreplaceable talent although Mark Hollis called time on his musical career eons ago. But you know what I mean.


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You can’t do It’s Over without the iconic final note. It’s the best thing about Roy Orbison’s version - a completely iconic moment of performance.

I was really impressed with Moz’s version until the end - completely ruins it by going down where he should have been soaring. It’s a pretty straight cover, so that’s a really weird decision to make.
california son info

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