"It's Over" (Roy Orbison cover) posted on Spotify; "California Son" sleeve revealed

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 25, 2019.

By Anonymous on Feb 25, 2019 at 2:32 PM
  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Region restricted currently, the "California Son" sleeve is revealed in the song link.

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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Feb 25, 2019.

    1. Simplysmiths
      'kin ell......morrissey thinks he is fucking elvis.

      fuck me , it is over ..... youre right there.
    2. Anonymous
      Thank you Morrissey, thank you Roy, thank you LP, thank you FWD.
      Beautiful song.
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    3. Simplysmiths
      thats a shocking sleeve also......but fuck me what an album.
    4. joe frady
      joe frady
      So my Priest keeps telling me...

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    5. Anonymous
      Capital M for Morrissey
      Capital E for Elvis
      You're not youre
      Issues over spacing and ellipsis.

      I also doubt that Morrissey "thinks he is fucking Elvis" as Elvis has been dead for over 41 and the concept would be very weird.

      Other than the errors highlighted above, your post was both interesting and insightful. Thank you.

      It is perhaps significant that Benny the Whatever also does not know how to use the correct version of your/you're.
    6. Anonymous
      Breathless. Morrissey you never disappoint.
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    7. Anonymous
      Hell yeah. Those BH loungers looked fab. And that shot with the kids with the goggles was so darn cute. Great pictures, those.
      But honestly even the picture of a guy in flip flops scratching his arse would have been better than this shitty pastel work of fart.
      It's not even that the idea was bad, but it's just so badly done that, like the sun, it hurts my eyes.

      also, what's the point of having a live-in hairdresser, you sometimes wonder...:rolleyes:
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    8. gordyboy9
      49 posts in 8 years,dont put yourself oot mate.
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    9. Tom
      Dreadful production ruins what could have been a terrific cover. The vocal is top notch, Moz sounds fantastic, but the overall mix is bland, and needlessly noisy. Joe Chiccarelli has got to go, he's awful for Morrissey.
    10. Simplysmiths
      i will wait for the re-issue i think......with a better sleeve , but highly doubtful i will buy this.

      such a sad sad end to his 'career'.
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    11. Simplysmiths
      i keep myself to myself......i visit daily and do chuckle at some comments.
    12. gordyboy9
      is there another artist on planet earth that gets critiqued as much as Morrissey.the voice is great,production terrible,lyrics are garb,cover art even worse.if you don't like the sound don't listen to it,if you don't like what you see then ignore it.
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    13. gordyboy9
      who said it was ending,was it on the ten o clock news,im watching the news and don't see anything about M retiring,then again I did go for a piss so I might have missed it.
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    14. ACTON
      I like it!

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    15. Tobia
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    16. ACTON
      It's probably because not many artists started at such a high point of excellent album/single artwork and then gradually degenerated to the piece of shit cover for California Son.
      In fairness I love most Moz covers, apart from Southpaw, Maladjusted, Swords, not too gone on World Peace, LIHS was just crap, and California Son (If that is the cover) is a joke. It's like he couldn't be arsed to even think about a cover and delegated it to a minion who knows fuck all about anything.
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    17. Anonymous

      Was looking forward to this but gotta say this cover 'ain't great.

      I actually much prefered this faux cover someome did of the that freak from the UK (I heard he went mental when he found out someone did this)

    18. marred
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    19. ordinaryboy86
      Was that your attempt at blunt humour?
    20. Anonymous
      Why spoon-feed these twats? The question of sourcing was asked and answered MULTIPLE times. They responded with pre-school level mindlessness.

      How can poorly raised and educated little shits grow into reasonable human beings without making an effort of their own?


      ...this is a Morrissey forum.

      Never mind.
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